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My print preview always shows four pages although the numbers fit on only the first page. The printer prints out of the extra pages. Is there a Print range option such as was in Appleworks? I don't want all the extra unnecessary pages.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Badunit Level 6 (11,615 points)
    While in Numbers, not the print dialog, click on View on the toolbar and select Show Print View. If your printout is four pages, Numbers must think something is hanging over to those pages. Shrink the content and/or move your table and other items until the three other pages go away.
  • kjchipmunk Level 1 (15 points)
    To shrink it, there is a slider bar at the bottom left. Just slide it until it all fits on the single page.
  • Jerrold Green1 Level 7 (29,960 points)

    In Numbers, even a blank cell is considered content. Eliminate unneeded Rows and Columns and see if your preview shows fewer pages.

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    I hope I'm not misunderstanding your question and giving unrelated advice on my first post with only six months computer experience, but here it goes. After weeks of printing out three blank pages along with every Numbers document that I wanted to print, I stumbled upon this solution. With a document open & 'Numbers' in tool bar, click 'File>Print'. On the drop down menu it shows '1 of 4' at the bottom of the document. The document plus three blanks will print if the 'All' button is highlighted next to 'Pages' at the middle area of drop down. Click on 'From' directly below 'All' and leave at '1 to 1'. One copy of the chosen document will now print without being accompanied with blanks.
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    Hi Russell,

    Welcome to Apple Discussions and the Numbers '09 forum.

    Your response is appropriate, and directly answers the posted question.

    Jerry's response goes a bit beyond the question in the subject line, looks at the reason the document is taking more than a single page, and offers a solution that reduces the document size to a single page.

    Both valid solutions, with yours having the edge for a document that will be printed only once and Jerry's being more useful if the document will be re-used and reprinted in the future.

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    How about being able to specify the print area and be done with it? It's things like this that have made Numbers unusable for me. Excel does this so easily and simply and quickly. Numbers makes the easy difficult.
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    Don't confuse us, the users who are trying to help others use the program, with the program designers.

    You will find many ways to print a portion Numbers table in the discussions if you search. Here's a way to print a selection that's most similar to the Excel way, if you must:

    Select the area to Print, Command-C, start or switch to Preview.app, File > New from Clipboard, File > Print.

    Takes only a few seconds, doesn't disturb the Numbers doc.

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    Good grief! Go to another application? Numbers should allow the selection of a print area and should then print that area. Numbers is a great application, in potential, but it needs to realize what it can be.

    The developers know this.

    One hopes that management allows them to bring solutions to realization.
  • Jerrold Green1 Level 7 (29,960 points)
    Read the terms of use.

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    Epictetus1 wrote:
    Good grief! Go to another application?

    Well, yeah, if you're not happy with Numbers. The advice you get here includes pointing users to other spreadsheet applications if Numbers can't do what they want and we can't provide a suitable solution.

    You seem dead set on your opinion of what Numbers should and shouldn't do. Fact is it doesn't seem to fit what you are looking for. Rather than complain to us, your fellow users, complain to Apple or use a spreadsheet more suitable to your needs. I cannot recommend Excel for you because it won't give you the numeric precision you demand (i.e., 33+ digits).

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    I'm usually the last one to do this, but I have to add that it would be useful to be able to define a print range without doing any shrinking or elimination of rows/columns. Elsewhere, I've seen that capability in either a print dialogue or, as in OpenOffice, in the Page Break Preview by dragging around page delimiters.
  • Barry Level 7 (29,976 points)
    Hi AE,

    Sure it would be useful.

    Launch Numbers.
    Go to the Number menu.
    Choose Provide Numbers Feedback.
    Request this capability.

  • Charteris Level 1 (0 points)
    The answer for me to this problem, is to delete all unwanted columns and rows around your work area.
    Numbers will include these in the page layout otherwise.
    Unlike Excel where you chose the print area, here you tell Numbers what not to print.