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The issue i am having is that e-mail messages in mac mail take longer than normal to render the HTML in the body.

I can see the subject and who its from but the body takes about 20-40 seconds to render the e-mail.

I notice that some people on the discussion boards are having the same issue but no one has really posted a 100% solution for the issue.

specs on the laptop is intel core 2 duo with 2gb ram running 10.5.7.

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Have you tried rebuilding your Mail index, or even repairing permissions? If not, do the first by quitting Mail and opening Users/Username/Library/Mail and delete the Envelope Index file. Then restart Mail and wait for it to import your existing mail into the program, then test to see if things speed up.
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    Yes i rebuilt the mail boxes. Still having same issues.

    I did not do the permissions fix yet.

    what happens if you delete the Envelope Index file.

    Will i loose all my emails in my inbox?

    I do not want to loose anything in my inbox i just would want it to not have that lag like it does.

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    If you delete the Envelope Index file, you lose nothing; it just gets recreated when you restart Mail. But if you haven't tried repairing permissions yet, do that. If you're using DSL or cable Internet, it's worth the effort to reset your modem/router by unplugging it for a few minutes, then plug it back in and see if that also helps.

    You should also open System Preferences>Network and add these two DNS server entries:

    Save the changes and quit, then restart Mail. These are faster servers than those used by your ISP, and in the case of Safari, will provide protection against phishing attacks.
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    What are the steps on repairing permissions, and I do not thing its a connection to the mail server, its more of a local / on the users computer that is having issues.
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    To repair permissions:

    Launch Disk Utility (in your /Applications/Utilities folder), select the name of your hard drive, be sure you're in the First Aid section, then click on Repair Disk Permissions and wait for it to finish. Quit and restart Mail to see if it makes any difference.

    Post back with results, and whether or not you rebuilt your Mail index.
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    Mail index was already rebuilt but was still having the same issues. I will try to work with permissions and post up my results.