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I'd like to send events to my husband's iphone, but he is unable to open the .ics requests through email. HIs main computer is a PC, so he does not have access to iCal except through his phone. Is there any way to get these dates to him? I am really sick of being asked which days we are going on vacation!

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    If you like you can publish your calendar and he can subscribe to it on his iPhone...as long as he has iphone software v 3.0

    You: Go into ical and select the calendar you would like your husband to reference. Then select publish under the calendar menu. After doing this you will see little gray bars next to the calendar, that means it is being published. Next go to the calendar, control click and select 'send publish e-mail' and send all the info it gives you to your husband...your job is done (just make sure hubby does his job)!!

    Husband: goes to iphone and finds your e-mail...in it, it will say 'You can subscribe to my calendar at:' after that there will be an address that starts with webcal: you should be able to click that and it will ask if you want to subscribe...click subscribe and you and DONE!!!

    If that does not work do it manually...copy the webcal address and follow the instructions below.

    go -->settings--->Mail, Contacts, Calendars-->Add Account-->Other-->Add subscribed calendar and paste that address in the text box. Boom now your husband will once again know what is going on!!

    Hope that helps, it has helped me a ton to be able to see what the wife is up to!!!

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    This sounds like a good fix for a similar problem I'm having.

    I'm concerned, though, about "publishing" this info to a web address.

    Is my personal calendar then accessible to anyone who has this address? Is it searchable on google? Can random people then find out, for example, when I will be on vacation?
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    mosaicgirl that is a great question that I actually don't have the answer to...though I will say that I did a google search 20 different ways on all of the 5 calenders I have published (been published over a year) and did not get even one result. Is that definitive? No, but it is a good start.

    Maybe someone else has more insight...