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I had previously bought about 100 songs on my laptop, but we encountered a problem were my wireless network would not work. The support at HP wouldn't help us out unless we did a system restore first, so i lost all my stuff.

when i installed itunes again after the restore, it gave me one song from the check for available downloads option, and it says all available purchases have been located. Also, when i try to download a song I already had before it recognizes that I already downloaded it and tells me to use the check for available downloads button, which obviously is not helping me.

anyone else have this problem? I dont really wanna be out a hundred bucks...

Windows Vista
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    The "Check for available downloads" function will not work for tracks that you successfully downloaded once already. Officially Apple does not allow redownloads of purchased items other than iPhone/iPod touch applications. It's your responsibility to make backup copies in case something goes wrong with your system, as unfortunately it apparently did in your case, and you lose all the information on your hard drive. The official statement of their policy can be found here, among other places. If your hard drive was erased and you don't have a backup of your purchased items, and don't have them on an iPod, you're probably out of luck and will need to repurchase your tracks.

    If you have your tracks on an iPod or have them backed up, post back and someone here can help you get them restored. Otherwise you can try contacting iTunes Store Customer Service and explaining what happened. Reportedly in some cases Apple has allowed redownloading on a one-time basis. But don't count on it.
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    you see itunes cloed when i was in the middle of downloading 3 music videos.
    it froze so it closed due to some sort of error! and now that i turned itunes back on those 3 videos are missing! any time i click the check for available downloads button it says that all my downloads are finished but if i click to buy the video AGAIN it says i have already purchased the video and that i shlould check my available downloads in case it didnt download. well it didnt download and it wont show up! itunes is terrible!

    and *** is wrong with you guys! your making music even more expensive! $1.29 for a song i could get for free! ***?! Aren't we in a recession? aren't stuff supposed to be the same price or CHEAPER?! what a ripppp offfff!!!

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    and * is wrong with you guys!

    The only people who participate here are we your fellow users, so please don't yell at us.

    your making music even more expensive! $1.29 for a song i could get for free! *?!

    It's the record companies who are controlling the pricing. They forced Apple to accept having more popular songs be more expensive as the price for allowing Apple to remove the copy protection. Rant at the record companies, little good though that will do.

    Look for a folder called "Downloads" in your iTunes Music folder. If there is such a folder, look for files that would be the partial download and delete those, so that the download starts over from the beginning. Then try again using the "Check for Available Downloads" command under the iTunes Store menu.

    If that doesn't work, contact the iTunes Store customer support department through the form at the bottom of their web page and explain the problem to them.

    Hope this helps. Next time, though, it would be better if you started your own topic rather than tagging onto someone else's thread.