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I'm having an issue where my iPhone 3G (OS 3) will not sync bi-directionally with Exchange and there seems to be no rhyme or reason for it. Only after the OS 3 upgrade did I start to see these problems -- everything worked fine until about a week after the upgrade.

If I use my iPhone to manage my email, my Outlook client displays the updates appropriately (and almost immediately). When I use my Outlook client to manage email, the iPhone only updates some of the time and not in a consistent manner:

- Messages read using my Outlook client are marked as unread in my iPhone In Box. I have my iPhone configured to sync 3 days of messages and the messages shown as read in my Outlook client are never marked read in my iPhone In Box over the course of those 3 days.

- At the same time the above is happening, I also have messages read using my Outlook client that ARE appearing in my iPhone In Box as read even though I never opened the message via my iPhone.

- Meeting invites accepted using the Outlook client are marked as unread in iPhone In Box and still appear as new in the Invitations area of the iPhone Calendar. This appears to be the case for all meeting invites.

- Messages that were read and then deleted or moved into another folder using the Outlook client are still in the iPhone In Box marked as unread for the full 3 days my iPhone is set to sync.

I have Push turned on and Fetch configured to fetch manually.

I have tried restoring from backup, deleting and recreating the account, deleting the account then rebooting the phone then recreating the account, and tonight I went as far as restoring my iPhone to the original settings and reloaded EVERYTHING back on -- the same problems appeared as soon as the account was configured and finished the initial sync.

Two other things that are important to note:

- There are several other people in my department that have iPhones (both 3G and 3GS), are on OS 3 and sync with the same Exchange server. They are not experiencing the same issues that I am.

- This is only happening with my Exchange account. I also have separate Ymail and POP accounts configured and am having absolutely no problems with them.

I don't know what to do next. The unread message and calendar invite counts on my iPhone are always incorrect (much, much higher than reality) and it is driving me nuts because I feel like I'm behind when I'm really not. Help?!

3G, iPhone OS 3.0