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So I bought the brand new Mac mini and connected it to my Panasonic plasma Viera TH-42PZ85U.
I'm extremely happy with the picture quality, after I figured out that putting HD size 2 fixes all problems with overscan and geometry...

But I have this VERY ANNOYING problem that when I turn on the tv, the power LED starts blinking 10 times on a loop and no picture. I have to disconnect the HDMI and power from the tv for a few seconds to get rid of the blinking and recover normality.

I tested all HDMI ports on my tv and tried with different HDMI cables and still happening. I don't have the mini-display-DVI adapter, so I haven't been able to test that output...

I couldn't figure out why sometimes it wasn't doing it, and sometimes it does. But I think I finally figured it out:

If Mac mini is connected and ON when I turn ON the TV, that's when I get the red light blinking 10 times.

In order to avoid this I have to either put the Mac mini in sleep mode or disconnect the HDMI from the TV.

Can somebody tell me how to get rid of this stupid situation?

Mac mini 2.0Ghz Latest model, Mac OS X (10.5.7)