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So I bought the brand new Mac mini and connected it to my Panasonic plasma Viera TH-42PZ85U.
I'm extremely happy with the picture quality, after I figured out that putting HD size 2 fixes all problems with overscan and geometry...

But I have this VERY ANNOYING problem that when I turn on the tv, the power LED starts blinking 10 times on a loop and no picture. I have to disconnect the HDMI and power from the tv for a few seconds to get rid of the blinking and recover normality.

I tested all HDMI ports on my tv and tried with different HDMI cables and still happening. I don't have the mini-display-DVI adapter, so I haven't been able to test that output...

I couldn't figure out why sometimes it wasn't doing it, and sometimes it does. But I think I finally figured it out:

If Mac mini is connected and ON when I turn ON the TV, that's when I get the red light blinking 10 times.

In order to avoid this I have to either put the Mac mini in sleep mode or disconnect the HDMI from the TV.

Can somebody tell me how to get rid of this stupid situation?

Mac mini 2.0Ghz Latest model, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    It does the exact same thing with my Macbook pro 2,4.

    So I assume this not a Mac mini problem, but a Apple/Panasonic compatibility issue...

    This *****!
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    Anybody?!?!? Help!!!
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    I am having the same problem on my Panasonic TH-50PZ80U. Bought the Panny in March 2008. I had it connected with a DVI>HDMI adapter to a previous-gen Mini, the one with the DVI output, and had zero problems. This weekend I got the new 2.0 GHz Mini, the one with the mini-DVI & MiniDisplayPort. Used the included mini-DVI-to-DVI adapter, and the same DVI>HDMI adapter I was using previously. Right away I started having this issue. Like the OP, I have to disconnect the HDMI from the TV and hold the power button down for about 10 seconds in order to reset something internal to the TV. If I connect the HMDI after it is on, there's no problem.

    I am wondering if the mini-DVI output is the problem. Is there any information if minidisplayport > HDMI would not have this problem?

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    I did a bunch of searching and found the Master thread for Panasonic plasma not turning on on the AV Science Forums.

    The 10 blink issue is caused by an incompatibility between some video cards and the HDMI inputs on the back of the tvs.

    The front panel HDMI input has additional circuitry designed to handle pcs and game systems, so it will work.

    Panasonic may send out this part if you ask them nicely. It buffers the signal and according to the AVS thread above, solves this issue.

    For now, leave the HTPC/mini/macbook unplugged until after turning the TV on, and/or unplug it before turning it off. Hold down the power button for ~10 seconds to reset the tv if it gets into this state.

    Note this only applies to the 10-blink issue with connected HTPCs. Other blink patterns are related to other problems - see the AVS thread above.

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    It's not a Mac problem it's a Panasonic problem. I have a 42in Panny and I'm running a Win Media center PC into HDMI2 via a DVI-HDMI cable and if I leave it plugged in I get blinking red lights.
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    I agree with you, there is something wrong with the way the TV handles those signals from HTPCs. I didn't feel like arguing with the tech on the phone as they are going to send the part regardless of whose fault it is.

    It is an issue that they know about, it shouldn't be too hard to get them to send you this hdmi extender part.

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    Max, what was the number you called for Panasonic? I tried calling and got the run around. For $25 from Monoprice I might just order it and pay for it myself.
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    1-800-973-4326. I would choose service or repairs in the automated menu. Have your serial number and date of purchase handy.
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    Dude, you have no idea how much I appreciate your solution.

    Just connected the mini on the side input, and the problem is gone. No need for extra parts.

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    Everyone, unfortunately it appears that Panasonic has canceled this program. I had to argue with them to get mine since they cancelled it after i called in for the part, but they had never bothered to getting around to sending it. I was able to get mine after repeated complaints that they'd cancelled the plan after telling me they were going to send me the part, but I doubt that you would be able to get one now. Monoprice is the answer.

    This is what you need - funnily enough, Panasonic actually sent me this exact same Monoprice-branded part: http://tinyurl.com/26zhe6
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    SAVED MY LIFE!!! Thank you guys soo much.
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    this was an incredible thread -- it saved my bacon. thanks guys! some poor chap (having the same issue) on justanswer.com got told by an expert that his motherboard would have to be replaced. so we should consider ourselves lucky. :-)