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I was recently playing around with my iphone apps and moving the icons around and soon realized I lost the Facebook app. I looked all over, every page, and it just vanished! So I thought I just deleted it on accident.

So, I went to iTunes hit sync, and it still wasn't there. So, I removed the app completely from iTunes and hit sync, and then downloaded the app from the app store, and hit sync, and still not Facebook. So, I tried unchecking the box next to the apps to install and then checking it after another sync, and still no facebook app.

So, again I deleted it completely from iTunes and hit sync and it said it removed the app. So then I went to App store on my iphone and was going to download it, but it wouldn't let me saying it was already on my iPhone.

I did hard resets, turned it off for several minutes, factory default resets both with facebook app in iTunes and not in iTunes backed up. I have tried just about everything.

Can anyone help me please. I have thought about doing a factory default reset again, but not reload my backup files and just start from scratch, but don't want to. Just hoping someone can help me with this. Where is my app?

MacBook Pro, iPhone OS 3.0, Original iPhone
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    Use the iPhone's search feature (Spotlight) to find it. Are you sure you've checked every page? Look at the dots below your icons to see what page you're on. Many people don't know that a new page can get created sometimes when adding apps.

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    Spotlight search only shows Facebook in my contacts address book because I have it listed as a number. It does not show the Facebook app.

    Also, I am well aware of the little dots at the bottom and have looked through every paige. I even draged multiple app icons and made several new pages thinking maybe it would show up. To no avail.

    Thank you though. Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Just fixed the problem myself. I had some restrictions on and it was allowing the facebook icon to be shown. It works now.
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    I have also had this problem. I done an update to my iphone, then lost all my website apps, eg.facebook, ebay, rightmove etc. I have done a search and nothing comes up and when I went to reinstall them, the install button was grayed out so I could install again. Please help.