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I'm trying to add an album to iTunes. I've tried all the possible methods of adding it (add folder; add file; drag into window) & when I do nothing happens at all. No error message, the cursor doesn't switch to the "busy" symbol or anything.

I've tried renaming the files & moving them.
They work fine in Windows Media Player & Quicktime (they're mp3s btw).
I have all the appropriate permissions to access them.
If I try adding any other file to iTunes, it works with no problem.

I'm using the latest version of iTunes on Vista Home Premium.

Any ideas?

Windows Vista
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    Later versions of iTunes have become fussy about tags in MP3 files. If the files are in your library, they won’t play and if they are not in your library, iTunes will not add them, but it doesn’t tell you why.

    You can try running one or two of the files you can’t add through a MP3 Validator. There is a great explanation of how it works [here|http://trevinchow.com/blog/tag/mp3-tag-validator]

    You can download MP3 Validator [here|http://www.gromkov.com/faq/repair/mp3_validator.html]
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    Thanks that did the trick
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    Gald that fixed it, and thanks for the star.