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I have two MacBook computers. I have them both authorized for the same iTunes account. I bought a song and downloaded it on one computer. I expected to be able to do the same thing on my other computer and to see the new song in a list of songs to download but do not see it. How do I get the song I bought on both computers?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    How do I get the song I bought on both computers?

    Download it on one computer, control-click it in iTunes, choose to show it in the Finder, move that file or the entire library to the other computer, and drag it into the open iTunes window, or in the case of the entire library, launch iTunes with the Option key held down and point it to the moved library.

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    I do not understand how to do what you wrote.
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    Thanks. That answered my question. I do not like the options. I wish iTunes made this simpler and easier. I liked it when I switched to the MAC from Windows and everything was simpler, easier, faster and more reliable. This is the first thing I have wanted to do that is just as complicated as trying to do anything using Windows. I wish computer hardware and software people would make life simple and easy for the rest of us. I will figure this out eventually but it seems like iTunes is really set up to have one account for one computer and one ipod. I suspect a lot of families have multiple computers and several children with ipods who share one account with their parents and that families need to be able to download songs to all the computers in the family and to have the music on all of the ipods in the family until the children are legally 18 and can have their own accounts.
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    I have two iphones, two ipods and an ipod touch synced to one computer without difficulty. Each has it's own content and settings.

    It does seem that keeping the same content on two computers is a little more complicated.