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My Iphone 3G didn't recharge anymore, so now they gave me a complete new Iphone 3G.

The problem I have atm is that i cannot sync the new Iphone with the old Iphones backup. My contacts were only sychronised between the Iphone and Itunes, but because of the different IMEI number i cannot get my contacts back...


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    The iPhone does not sync with the backup. The iPhone's backup is created and maintained by iTunes as the first step during the sync process for each iPhone separately that is synced with iTunes on the same computer, and the backup includes the data provided with this link.


    Your contacts were synced with which supported application on your computer via the iTunes sync process, which is selected under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes?

    The iPhone's IMEI number has nothing to do with this.

    When you connected your new iPhone to iTunes the first time, you should have been prompted to transfer the backup from your previous iPhone. Did this not occur?

    If not, restore your new iPhone with iTunes from your iPhone's backup. When restoring your iPhone with iTunes, your iPhone will be erased first followed by the firmware being reinstalled. After the firmware is reinstalled, you will be prompted to restore your iPhone from an available backup, which is the default selection.
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    When i first connected the new phone itunes said that it was impossible to sync with an older backup because the phone was not activated yet, so I had to create a new file.
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    In the U.S., the iPhone is activated at the store when the iPhone is purchased for the most part.

    You can restore your iPhone with iTunes from the backup of your previous iPhone.