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I just had to get a new screen on my iPhone 3G because it was just a white screen. When I then brought it back to sync to my computer, it will not show up in iTunes. I've followed all of the advice on the site, from deleting and reinstalling iTunes to checking for iPod drivers and systems. I can't find anything else to try and it's really frustrating.

Thanks for any advice you might have!

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    I know this wil not help but, look in the iTunes Install/Upgrade Discussion and you will see that you are not alone. OK a few days ago I tried using Vista's "Safely Remove Hardware" as it worked for someone in another discussion group. It worked for me too! This is 3rd time in three weeks I have been able to connect my iPhone to iTunes. I updated firmware thinking maybe I was on to a solution. I was Wrong AGAIN! Next day same error "An iPhone has been..." so I repeated same as night before. iTunes then Stops Responding it Freezes every time I plug in iPhone, I have to shutdown with Task Manager. Drive letters changed from (G:, H;) to (H:, I:) and I can no longer return to (G:, H:). If I plug in another USB device such as Thumb Drive it is given Drive Letter G:. Today I try iTunes and plug in iPhone and back to Error "An iPhone has been detected..." What gives here why does iPhone take up two Drive letters and other devices only use one as they should? Why did "G:" disappear? Apple Tech and/or engineers has not replied to emails in over a week even with a recent plead to at least acknowledge receipt. Is Apple ignoring us or the problem?
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    Did you check if Apple Mobile Device Service is installed and working? http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567
    Did you try to connect in recovery mode? http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808
    Remove divers and reinstall them:http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538
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    Well, I tried all of these. I'm not seeing the drivers for the iPhone at all, the restore won't work, and so I'm waiting now for a call from Apple support. I'll post what I find out in case anyone else has the same issues.
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    Good Luck on your call from Apple they have not yet answered my email or voice mail. Here is a New twist or at least something I did not notice before. When I checked out my system with iPhone connected it shows Drive Letters (H:, I:) and when I disable they are removed from Vista Computer Window. But, there is still a USB Mass Storage Device showing under in Device Manager. Nothing is connected and Vista is telling me something is "wating for removal" so I just uninstalled it. I try iTunes which pops up instantly for a change and then I plug in iPhone, a USB Mass Storage Device Drive is installed and two Generic USB Storage Device Drivers are installed. iTunes Freezes not responding. I have to end iTunes with Task Manager. I look to Safely remove and again Drive Letters are (H:, I:) so I disconnect. I install an USB Thumb Drive and Vista correctly Identifies it as "Drive G:" when I 'safely' disconnect All Mass Stoage Devices are gone. I Plug in iPhone and start iTunes it runs for seconds just to bring up the window and then Freezes. Vista show my iPhone as a Portable Device and there are No other portable devices showing no Drive Drive Letters G:, H: or I:. Device Manager tells me that device has been prepared for "safe removal" but, is has not been removed from the computer. (Code 47). I did NOT Remove it! iTunes is trying to Identify my iPHONE which is connected. I End iTunes and remove USB connection for iPhone. Vista still shows device is there. That is my missing Drive "G:" and seems Vista cannot use as it stays as "Mass Storage Device" waiting to be removed. What is the magic combination now that can make these work?? It was fine in iTunes Version 8.1.1 and I did have my iPhone "properly identified" three times in past 4 weeks. I would just like it to do it all the time instead of just rare luck or whatever that can make it work.
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    Is your computer recognising the iPhone at all? Thus, when you connect with a USB cable, does the iPhone indicate the battery is charging?

    If not, it could be a defective USB cable.
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    The computer recognizes the iPhone, Vista sees it as Portable Device with correct icon My iPhone with all properties to include firmware and Serial Number. This has always been the case even before upgrade.
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    I figured out the question of drives and part of it was my mistake but, in the process I did find a solution last weekend only to have it fail tonight. IF, I plugged in device to USB hub and then used windows "Safely Remove Hardware" before removing device when I plugged in iPhone and started iTunes it worked. The first time I had to use a device in both hubs and then until tonight found it would work with only using one. When it worked any combination of disconnection or end program still worked when reconnected or restarted. Every time computer was shutdown I had to play with devices to get iTunes to work. It worked for me this morning and then tonight no combination would work. iPhone plugged in iTunes would freeze and not respond forcing me to use task manager to end task. Why did it work for days and then tonight fail?