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I've read reports that people who have a Yahoo mail business account since upgrading to 3.0 on the iPhone can't get their accounts to sync with their online yahoo accounts anymore? Meaning if you send mail from the phone it won't show up in your sent folder if you access mail from your computer, etc? Is this only related to yahoo business mail or any mail account in general now? If so I'm not upgrading to 3.0, I like being able to access all my folders and everything from my phone, just as if I was using my computer. Actually if this is the case I might get rid of my phone period, this was one of the main reasons why I got this phone because it worked with mail just like my computer did.

Any input on this?

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    Are you able to access your Yahoo business account as an IMAP account with an email client on your computer, or are you referring to webmail access for the account using a browser?

    I haven't heard that Yahoo IMAP account access with the iPhone's Mail client doesn't work with firmware update 3.0, but I understand Yahoo has had on and off again problems since IMAP account access is a relatively new protocol for Yahoo, and it was my understanding that IMAP account access with a Yahoo account is available with the iPhone's Mail client only.

    I access a MobileMe account as an IMAP account with the iPhone's Mail client storing sent messages on the server, and all messages sent with my MM account using the iPhone's Mail client are stored on the server and available when accessing the account with the Mail.app on my Mac, or via webmail access for the account using a browser.
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    I don't have a small business account, I have a regular free account. I only brought that up because others posted about it here in another thread. When I say access yahoo mail from the iphone I am referring to using the built in mail client in the iphone, not going to it via the browser. You are saying this still works and syncs just like if you were on your computer?
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    I have a Yahoo account, which I don't access with the iPhone's mail client.

    I access my MobileMe account with the iPhone's Mail client, which is accessed as an IMAP account with Push access - the same as a Yahoo account that is created using the Yahoo account preset with the iPhone's Mail client. The sent messages with my MM account are stored on the server with no problems. All my server stored mailboxes are kept synchronized with the server the same as before installing firmware update 3.0.
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    Do you mind setting it up with the phones client and see if it works like it did in 2.X? It should only take like 60 seconds to add it. I would appreciate it so I know for sure before I upgrade.

    Thanks a bunch A
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    So Allen I guess that's a no? LOL

    Anyone else who uses Yahoo Mail on your iPhone since they upgraded to 3.0 can you verify if your still able to access all of your folders (sent, trash, draft, etc) using the iPhone's built in mail client and does everything still update/sync between the phone and Yahoo's online mail program? In other words can you see and access everything on the phone as you can by going to mail.yahoo.com/using your computer? I would appreciate it.

    Again, I'm asking this because I've heard rumors that once people have upgraded to 3.0, they no longer are able to do this and I want to know one way or the other before I upgrade.


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    I can tell you that the Yahoo Mail IMAP was working fine with my Yahoo business mail account until about a month ago, which may have been the time of the software upgrade. After that, the send function has not worked at all. When I try to send an email, it gives me the "woosh" sound as usual, but the email I wrote ends up in the same place where a lot of my socks have gone over the years. I gave up trying to fix it and now sync with Yahoo via POP, which is a bit of a pain because afterward when I access mail via my computer it shows them as "read" whether I have read them or not.
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    I also have a business account from Yahoo and I can't send messages. I am able to recieve but can't send out. It does the sound like it goes out but it goes no where. I contacted able and they are good for nothing. I contacted Yahoo business and they told me the problem. According to Yahoo Business when Apple came out with the new update they forgot to format something that has to do with business account since it's a diffrent server than the free yahoo. They told me Apple was working with Yahoo to try and get this problem resolved but nothing yet. For anyone who has Yahoo, I found it easy just to have my business emails forward to my Free yahoo email account. This way I get my email and can still send emails out. The only down fall is that your emails when replaying will show your regular email address not your business. If anyone knows how to get this problem fIxed please let us know.