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Troy Shafer Level 1 (85 points)
I had the logic board failure, sent it back to apple and it came back fine. There was something rattling inside i had never heard before but didn't pay any attention really.

Well fast forward almost 5 months since it was fixed and my ibook started shutting off on it's own. complete power down. I took this to my friend at compusa who is certified on apple hardware. he brought me to the back... under the outside white cover there is a thin metal plate, all of the screws holding this in were either loose or not even started. The little rattle.... was a screw down next to where the power supply plugs in, it was never even put in place. he said they probably dropped it in there and didn't bother to get it back out. My iBook may be ruined... thanks apple for your quality of service when fixing your own problem.
  • Pete Eisenmann Level 4 (3,145 points)
    Hey Troy,

    I had a similar experience with my FIRST logic baord replacement. When it came back I heard a rattle inside. It was a screw loose. Had to get it sent back and get it removed. I would have done it myself except it was still covered under warranty.

    The quality of warranty work SEEMS to have dropped off over the years.

  • Troy Shafer Level 1 (85 points)
    I'm in the I.T. business so I should have known better. I am hoping that my problem is more the power unit than the connection on the motherboard. we'll see at 5pm.