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I have multiple Purchased on iPhone playlists and was wondering how to combine them into one as it is annoying to have to guess which one has the song I want. I have tried highlighting and drag and drop but it did not work. Any ideas? Thanks

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    I discovered that if you create a smart playlist in iTunes with the following rules then dragging the contents of that playlist to one of the "purchased on iphone" playlists, it will copy all songs into one playlist. then you just delete the other playlists!

    #1. Go to "file" and select *"New Smart Playlist"*
    #2. select rule *"Playlist is "Purchased on iPhone"* one for each of your "Purchased on iPhone" Playlists.
    #3. tick the *"match ANY of the following rules"* box!
    (Now all songs should appear in one playlist!)
    #4. Drag that playlist to the latest "Purchased on iPhone" Playlist and it'll copy all the songs onto it!
    #5. Delete all unwanted playlist!
    #6. Sync to iPhone and thank me later!