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After a couple of days with my new Macbook PRo 15" Unibody, I noticed the machine is crooked and the plastic stands underneath doesn't all touch the table, or whatever surface it sits on, at the same time.
It's off by approx. 2 millimeters - not much, but enough to make it annoying. And paying that much for a machine I would expect the hardware to be straight at the least.

So anyone experienced something similar? Do you think Apple will replace it directly?


Macbook Pro 15" Unibody, Mac OS X (10.5.7), 3.06 GHz
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    Was the machine bumped into or dropped in any fashion?
    If not, see if you can get the return/restocking policy applied to your machine. Note most of these are around two weeks.
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    Some others have reported this also and done an exchange. I would guess that this was either a bad batch of the unibody shell from manufacturer or a problem at assembly. Either way contact apple for exchange. You should not have a wobbling computer. But do check on other tables so it's not your floor or table that is the problem.
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    Hi Brody,
    I take very good care of my precious Mac's and no it has not been bumped into anything nor dropped. It's only 5 days old.
    And yes i expect Apple to replace it without questions, since it's less than 2 weeks old. That is usually a standard policy for other defects.
  • Flemming Rasmussen Level 1 Level 1 (45 points)
    Thanks for your input. I've of course checked on several surfaces, and there's no doubt that it's wobbling.

    My concern is also that i've been struck with 3! exchanges in the last couple of months - once for a new Macbook 13" Unibody and secondly with a Macbook Pro 15" where the 7200 rpm Harddrive suddenly stopped responding and restart was impossible. And now this!
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    A hard drive that stops responding? Was that on both of the last two? That's something you can do something about. Don't travel with the machine asleep. The sudden motion sensor may prevent some crashing, but I've seen the machine wake from sleep while the lid is still closed. This makes the drive active, and more prone to head crashes.
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    Hi Brody,

    this discussion is really for another thread But no my 13" had a flickering display (the backlight dimmed slightly but constantly).
    The 15" that went bad on me suddenly froze in the Finder during nothing but a TimeMachine backup. A hard reboot could not get me into the system (only got to the grey screen with the spinning cycle indicator). I couldn't even start from a CD.
    So i guess it was more than just the hard drive. But I had just recently read about a lot of issues with the 7200 RPM - 500 GB drives that Apple puts in from the factory.
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    When you attempted to start from CD, did you use the Alt or D keys? Or did you only try the C key? The 'C' key is not as responsive as the former two.

    Secondly, were you trying to boot from the disc that came with it?
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    I pressed the C key, and it was with the CD that came with it.
    But the problem is solved from my side, since the replaced it immediately (though i had to wait about a week for Apple to be able to deliver a 3.06, 7200 RPM machine).
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    I would say the earlier problem is non-conclusive, because you didn't try the 'D' or Alt key. The 'C' key frequently is non-responsive, and has nothing to do with the health of the machine. As far as I can see, you had one return for lack of knowledge, and the later issue for what may or may not be a cosmetic issue.