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when i use safari on any computer weather it be a Mac or a PC, Safari doesn't allow me to click on a link and it open in a new tab. I know that you can go into preferences/general tab, and at the bottom select open links in new tab or window. I've done that. Just the other day, on my friends "BRAND NEW" Mac Book, I tested it out the same way. When you click a link in any page Safari will only open it in a new window.. Why does it not open in new tabs? The only way I can get a new tab is by Ctrl T/Command T... or by using the display menu... Also, FYI, I do have the latest version of Safari and I did try it after I downloaded the Latest Upgrade.. I think this problem is everywhere and its because Apple has not found out about it..

Windows Vista
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    Why does it not open in new tabs?

    The feature is designed to open tabs for links from other applications (as the preference note describes). E.g. a link from an email in Microsoft Outlook or a link in a Word document.

    There's a hidden preference on the OS X version to make it behave the way you want for links within Safari itself, but as far as I know the option isn't settable under the Windows versions.

    I think this problem is everywhere and its because Apple has not found out about it

    Feel free to tell them about it Help menu > Report Bugs to Apple...
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    I wish Safari had a Preference setting to turn this on, in Windows AND in OS-X as the Terminal command line Default setting is kinda awkward for non-techie types.

    In this day, tabbed browsing seems to be the norm, who wants New Windows anymore?
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    Open up Terminal and paste the following:

    defaults write com.apple.Safari TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

    EDIT: ...err nvm..didn't realize I was in Safari for Windows.

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    Yeah, it helps to read previous posts before pulling the trigger.
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    Perhaps you already know this but,
    If you hold down the Command Key and click on a link
    it (the Link) will open in a new TAB.
    Also, (another tip), for convenience, which I use a lot is that
    when you are done seeing that new link, just do a command-w and that new Tab
    will nicely close and you are back to where you started.
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    What does this mean? I'm not able to open new links in a new tab? I'll always have to deal with opening multiple windows?
    That really ***. I'm going back my streamlined dependable Google Chrome.
    Unless, this isn't fixed!
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    Sorry, I see you are on a PC,
    Use the Control Key, instead of where I said the Command Key
    and it should work there.
    So, hold down the control key and whilst doing so,
    do a left-mouse click on another link and the new link should open
    in a new tab.
    There's nothing to be fixed, it works for me on my PC Laptop,
    where I am using Safari 4.0
    OK ? now ?
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    There is a downfall to the terminal-entry hack/mod... it forces everything into a new tab. Pop-up from a Web-App? get's it's own tab, not the small window the app was trying to open. Using an online video app which usually pops up a small window with the video? Now it gets it's own tab... :/

    It's annoying to not have links open to Tabs but also the 'hard coding' to force everything into a tab has it's drawbacks too.

    I agree: Apple should just have this feature. Even IE has had it for quite some time... although not set by Default when it first rolled-out. And of course Firefox has it.

    Side-comment: Love Apple stuff to no end after being a Windows admin for over 13 years... but wow sometimes it seems like Apple completely misses the basics. Like this crazy thing my original Palm Pilot in 1995 had... cut-and-paste... good thing the iPhone... just ... got... that. :/ And why can't I cut-and-paste a file? :/ And then of course why doesnt Safari let me open new links in Tabs?

    Any way to find a happy medium where Safari opens a link in a new window unless the link specifies the dimensions of the window to open and/or specifies a separate window?