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I have no problem setting up my printer to print black and white only using my pc, but am having difficulty setting the default for the printer on my OSX 10.5.2. I've read the posts and can't locate where this setting is done. I even removed the printer and tried readding it without any success. So, how do I set my HP Officejet to print in black and white as a default and allow me to print in color when needed?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I'm not sure if this will change the default settings or just the next print. Print a page. There is a list that starts with the name of the app. Pull that down to "quality & media." Check on "Grayscale printing."
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    You could use the built-in presets facility to make a b&w setting and a color setting. Then when you print, you simply select the appropriate preset. Also, the last preset that you use will be the default next time you print, so this can also help speed up your printing.

    Reply if you need instructions for creating presets.

    One final point. Some applications, such as MS Office, have a 'Print One Copy' printer icon in the toolbar. When you use this shortcut, the print dialog is not opened - the file simply prints. For these types of application, the preset is not used so that job will print in color if that is the default printer function. But you can change the toolbar icon function so that it opens the print dialog instead of just printing. Again, if you need instruction then please reply.

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    Yes, please provide instructions on setting the presets for Black & White Only and for Color printing.
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    To create a b&w preset, select to print a document and open the relevant menu to set the printing to b&w. Then, click on the Presets menu and select Save As. Enter a name for the preset, such as B&W, and click OK.

    To now create a colour preset, change the relevant menu to the colour printing setting. Then, click on the Presets menu and select Save As. Enter a name for the preset, such as Colour, and click OK.

    Now, next time you print, you simply need to select the colour or b&w preset to get the desired output.