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I use a Mac and have no problems moving photos from iPhoto to my iPhone. My wife has a PC running Windows XP and uses Picasa for photo management. In Picasa, it is folders that can get put onto iPhone. I have not found a way to put a Picasa album onto the iPhone. I suppose I could reimport all the photos into another folder, delete the ones I don't want on the phone, and go thru all the cropping and adjusting again, but there must be an easier way. Can anyone explain how to do this? Thanks.

Mac OS X (10.5.7)
  • Joey C 2 Level 1 Level 1 (145 points)
    Well, I figured out a workaround answer to my own question. Seems like there should be an easier way, but this works. After creating an album of selected photos, take one more photo with the camera. Then, load that one photo into Picasa, which will create a new folder. Select all the photos within the album and drag them into the newly-created folder. Delete the photo that was taken just to create the folder, and voila! The album has been converted to a folder that can be selected while syncing the iPhone.
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    I just selected the folders and the iPhone synced them. As a matter of fact I think that iTunes found the folder for me and I did almost nothing
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    Yes, iPhone will sync the Folders, no problem. What I was trying to do was find a way for iPhone to sync Albums. I created an album by selecting only some of the photos in a Folder, and combined them with photos from other Folders. The iPhone sync will not allow you to check Albums to sync, only Folders.
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    I'm looking to do the same, and am no too sure that the moving the photos in an album to a new folder is ideal. I do like keeping the photos in their original folder locations, which your solution seems to violate (i.e. the photos are moved from their original folder to the new one). I'd either like to see some feature in Picasa like "export album to folder...", or have iTunes be able to understand Picasa Albums (unlikely? perphaps not... iTunes does support plug-ins).