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I've already sent a bug report to Apple on this, but I wonder if anyone has had this problem: a document created in Pages 08, having six sections, about 30 pages and several full page graphics, which worked perfectly well in Pages 08, cannot be saved in Pages 09.

Within Pages 09, deleting styles, graphics, page breaks, section breaks (in fact everything down except the title page!) makes no difference. And if I do the same thing in Pages 08, save it, and then open it in Pages 09, still Pages 09 will not save it, whether I use "Save" or "Save as…"

Smaller documents seem to work OK, and Pages 09 works happily with both the small and large ones: it's just saving that seems to be an issue.

Any thoughts welcome.

Nick G

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I've not personally seen this but I did have a friend complain about it. Unfortunately she solved the problem via copy/paste and then trashed the old document. I'd liked to have taken a look at it and offered it up to Apple. I also think I recall someone posting a message here with a similar problem.

    Since iWork 09 was released I've updated close to 300 documents without a hiccup ranging from 1 page text only to quite large complex documents. My guess is that the issue is something obscure and perhaps even some soft of damage that the 08 version forgives but the 09 version does not.

    Since you filed a Feedback, be sure to keep the original document in case iWork engineers want to take a look at it.
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    Interesting; and thanks. I'll try the copy-paste approach, and maybe one or two other things, and report back to the forum in a day or two.
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    May you attach a copy of the odd file then send them to my mailbox ?

    Click my blue name to get my address.

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mardi 14 juillet 2009 18:09:52)
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    The copy and paste technique mentioned above works, and saves the styles too, so that's probably the best workaround. For that reason, I've marked my question as answered.

    I'm afraid I can't e-mail the file to anyone, for reasons of confidentiality - sorry.

    Many thanks to those who have replied to my question!
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    An Update.

    In the end, I traced the problem to the use of Spot Colours in the document. Removing all reference to the spot colours solved the problem. By creating a new document in Pages 09, and then inserting a box with a spot colour, I was able to reproduce the problem.

    I am using Spot Picker by Hilken Software, and it works well with my other apps (including Pages 08). Will file bug report to both Apple and Hilken, since the facility of adding spot colours to documents via the Colour Palette is extremely useful.
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    Thanks, non users of this third party product where unable to guess that

    I looked at the developer's Web page.

    Pages is not listed among tested applications so, the odd behavior is not really surprising

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE lundi 20 juillet 2009 14:38:21)
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    How well does *Spot Picker* work?

    Any other drawbacks besides the Pages '09 bug?

    Does this let you track and identify colors within Cocoa apps and let you swap colors retrospectively? Normally there is no feedback on the color once it is used in a document.

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    It's a useful thing to have, but it does rely on the user already possessing an application such as InDesign or Illustrator that already has the Pantone swatches built in. Basically it makes those swatches available across the system via the colour palette. It's then a matter of which applications are happy to play nicely with spot colours, and these are listed on the software page.

    Although in iWork 09 there are problems with spot colours (using Spot Colours introduces the same "won't save" issue in Numbers 09 and Keynote 09), you can still use it to generate an approximate RGB or CMYK equivalent colour. I bought it because I do work with an organisation that uses a particular range of spot colours, and it's been invaluable for that.

    And in answer to your last question, you would have to use the colour picker's syringe facility to click on the colour in your document, and then (I guess) experiment; it's not something I've done.

    Since this discussion is drifting somewhat from the original topic, perhaps I should point you (and anyone else who is interested) in the general direction of the relevant website. I should also add that I have no connection to the developer, although I have contacted him about this issue, and he's looking into it. Here's the link:


    Nick Green
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    I have known of the product since it came out and have always been curious if it is a solution.

    The price is way too high for something that probably ends up not solving what is missing in iWork and OSX's Color Picker.

    But your experience is invaluable.