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I am new to Itunes and have read several topics on this error, that was supposedly solved in the newer versions.

I installed itunes yesterday and managed to get my music onto and that was fine until i restarted my computer, at which point i got the DEP message at which point my computer froze after trying several times to solve it.

upon restart my harddisk was not recognised and (not responding). I recived this screen, and then after restarting through Safe mode then recieved a windows crashed message saying that new software had caused this. ( the blue screen).

So i managed to get onto windows (6 hrs later through many start-up system repairs). Unistalled Itunes, quicktimes etc.

Tried through several threads about deleting quicktime, installing newest version over itunes and so on and so forth without any success.. Just the common DEP message and sometimes computer crash. Which wont allow me to start windows!!

It has become very frustrating and extremely time consuming, at which point i have back everything up now and cleaned entire computer to avoid another of these crashes.

I have Windows 32 Vista, Dell Inspirion 1525, 4gb ram, intel core duo 2.00ghz which i was told upon purchasing ipod that was sufficient.

Is the problem APPLE or DELL- DELL have said its a software problem btw?

Dell Inspirion 1525, Windows Vista