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This is bizarre and disturbing.

iTunes is occasionally, randomly, and by itself, deleting the last character from the "year" field in my library (and I confirmed it is also happening to the database - I exported the XML and see it there too).

For example, 1972 becomes 197, and 1959 becomes 195.

This is affected about 100-150 songs with no apparent pattern. I am able to replicate it. It appears to happen (when it does) when a song starts to play, whether I initiate the play or iTunes does.

When I use the right or left arrows to jump through songs, it picks one out of every few songs -- sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes several in a row, sometimes none for several songs -- and just BAM deletes that last character.

I turned on the "date modified" column to see if it actually was updating that, too, and sure enough, yes it is; when the year gets ghost-truncated, the 'modified' field gets updated to reflect the current time/date.

I looked through my library and this has apparently been happening on and off for months.

Anyone see this or have any clues?

Thank you Apple people!

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo 2.33, Mac OS X (10.5.7), iTunes 8.2
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    Certainly a weird one. Any thing in common about the files you have noticed it with? For example, are the file it happens to coming from a different place (another computer) that may have encoded them differently than your actual iTunes app? Perhaps imported from an old Windows machine, imported long ago with a previous version of iTunes? Do they all have the same ID3 versions or are they random?

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    Thanks so much. My songs are all on one drive, but yes they come from multiple sources over many years and have been encoded with a variety o encoders. And the ID3 tags are all over the place, from V1 all the way up to 2.3. the songs with the issues seem to all have been encoded with Blade, an older PC encoder. This may be the issue.

    I'll make the tags in the libraary and keep an eye on things. I'll report back!

    Thanks again
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    Do all the Blade tracks share the same ID3 tag versions? If so, you might be able to select all the Blade encoded tracks and then change the ID3 tag version (my iTunes 8.2 appears to use v2.2 tags) and see if that clears it up.