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Hi guys,

Not sure if any of you have had this problem, but my iPod won't stop charging.

When I plug it constantly shows the flashing 'lightning' icon but not the actual charging progress (the way it goes up bar by bar until it is full).

That isn't such a big deal, but when I eject it from my Mac, the icon keeps flashing and doesn't show my battery level.

I've tried resetting, restoring and nothing works. It's annoying, because it means my iPod is always on, 'charging' (haha) and so the battery dies pretty quickly.

At first I thought it had been updated with some kind of amazing wireless charging device, but it seems not!

Any ideas? The only thing I can think of is that it might have got a bit wet one day when I took it out for a run... If that's the problem, what's the best way to dry it out?


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), iPod Nano 1G, 2gb
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    Carefully inspect the doc connector on the iPod. Get a magnifying glass and look for dirt, slivers of metal, mung, and other debris stuck in there.

    Also look for bent pins. Also dried sweat on the pins can do this.

    If you don't see anything, try to blow out the connector anyway or give it a wipe with a corner of a handkerchief or paper towel slightly moistened with alcohol.

    Sometimes you can get shorts between pins which fool the iPod into thinking it is plugged into a power source.

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    Thanks for that - good advice. I've had a look and everything seemed to be in order. I cleaned it nonetheless with some ethanol, but doesn't seem to have solved the problem sadly.

    Could it be the hardware? And if so, is it worth getting it fixed, or should I cut my losses and get a new iPod?
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    A first generation iPod is not worth the effort to fix since the price to do so would like be almost the price of a refurbished unit which would come with full Apple warranty. You can get an 8GB Nano reburb directly from Apple for $99.