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I have a number of albums that will not synce to my iphone. I have resynced a number of times to new playlists. To figure out the problem I have created a playlist with 2 albums, only 1 shows up on the iphone. If I only add the album that does not show up, the iphone displays that there is no music. The tags are correct, and files play fine from the playlist in itunes. The files are where the tags say they are and the files are MP3.

I have had this album sync many times before, I do not know what has changed.
I have a huge collection of pink floyd and recently added more.
After syncing the first time, all the pink floyd albums were displaying under David Gilmour. But under the title they cleary said pink floyd. The tags are correct on all of it. artist is pink floyd. some have pink floyd as sort artist as well. I confirmed on a number of those tracks that david gilmour was not listed anywhere in the title or tags at all.
I then had to synce again, and this time i added my entire pink collection, 55 albums. I also added my gilmour and waters collection, about 15 more, and some other artists albums. after syncing, my phone displayed 46 albums. Again, all the pink floyd listed as gilmour. (i have pink floyd listed as the sort artist on all the gilmour and roger albums)which is why gilmour shows up under P, but does not explain why pink floyd will not show up.

so now i did another sync with a small playlist. i have 2 pink floyd albums, one is the one that will not show up, the other is actually showing up under pink floyd and one album from another artist.

something is screwy. I dont know whats going on with it putting all my floyd and waters under gilmour. But now its not even syncing half the albums. they are playable in itunes with no issues.

Should i just delete my entire library and re add it? would i lose any album are or anything? I have itunes set to copy and sort my music.

Thanks in advance.

PC, iPhone OS 3.0
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    I deleted the album from the music library and then re added it. I was then able to sync it to the phone and it showed up under the correct artist. So I deleted the entire library and re added it. After syncing, there is no pink Floyd under artist. But all the albums are there under albums. Yet, more than 40 of the albums under albums are not listed under any artist under artists. *** is going on? Please help.