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I saw the previous post on this topic, but my issue is not resolved. I'd like mail to automatically retrieve mail messages from verizon. I've been getting two sets of error messages:

1. password error, when I get this message, I manually input the password (which works when I login to the site within safari), but it does not try work within mail

2. There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Check the settings for account my-email or try again.

The server error encountered was: The connection to the server “incoming.verizon.net” on port 143 timed out.

imacG5, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Check your Verizon web based email settings on Verizon's site.

    For Apple's Mail - Mail Preferences/Accounts/Account Information
    Check the settings especially your password, Incoming & Outgoing mail servers.
    Outgoing should be set to Verizon POP Account.

    Click on the Advanced button. Change the Port setting to 110. Write down the previous setting in case the 110 setting does not work.
    Set Authentication to Password.
    Check mark (enable) the top 3 boxes.

    Restart your computer. Your mail issues should be resolved.
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    Two questions:
    1. Would thunderbird help in resoling my issue?
    2. If so, how do you configure thunderbird?

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    Hi CMCSK,

    I went through the steps (except the first) in your post.

    I can send mail, but not retrieve mail. When retrieving mail, I get the following error messages:

    Enter Password for Account “outgoing.verizon.net”
    The POP server “incoming.verizon.net” rejected the password for user “dkknj”
    Please re-enter your password, or cancel.

    When I enter the password that works for a manual mail retrieval, I get the same message.

    Some notes:
    1. I don’t understand what I should what I shold be checking on the Verizon site.
    2. My Account Information is as follows:
    Account Type: POP
    Description: outgoing.verizon.net
    Full Name: David Kallman
    Incoming Mail Server = incoming.verizon.net
    User Name: dkknj
    Password: see above
    Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): verizon
    Use only this server is checked
    3. Please excuse the thunderbird post. Because mail is not working, I can only see my mail manually, and had not seen your post before my post. Of course, I want apple mail to work

    I appreciate your help. With any luck, it’s something simple easily found by fresh eyes.
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    I'm a little confused. Is the email address a yahoo account or a verizon account?

    For Yahoo accounts through Verizon:
    incoming server - incoming.yahoo.verizon.net
    outgoing server - outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net
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    Hi dechamp,
    Adding yahoo on the incoming server is key and allowed me to retrieve messages! Thanks!
    Curiously, both with and without yahoo work for the outgoing server. So, when I didn't have yahoo, I was able to send messages. But, I was not able to receive messages.
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    I read somewhere that both servers are actually located and under Verizon's administration and control. It may not matter to them which server you send through because you are a paying customer with a proper login and password. But if the email account is a yahoo account, then they've set up a specific machine that handles yahoo addresses that they host.

    Only a convoluted business deal would need this type of special handling. I don't understand the co-marketing advantages, but as always, follow the money

    Glad it worked for you, and thanks for the .