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Ok so i get this buzzing sound (like an interference buzzing) coming from my iPhone even when there are no other electronic devices (TVs, Microwaves, etc) on. I can be in a totally quiet room playing a game, or talking on the phone, and this buzzing will occur.

I remember this happening to my old original 2G iPhone, but it only happened when i had certain electronic devices on (like my tv).

Is anybody else experiencing this? What should i do? Thanks!


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    If you are on edge service (the little E at the top) you will continue to have this problem. All GSM phones exhibit this characteristic. If you are on 3G, you will not have the problem.
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    Ok, what if i am on Wi-Fi at home or elsewhere and i have this problem?
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    Wifi doesn't matter. The cellular radio is always in use (except for airplane mode) even if wifi exists. The icon covers the 3G/E space. But if you were on edge, you still are, even though the wifi icon appears.
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    was just gonna say "***** for me, i got this iPhone thinking i'd be able to make use out of 3G, but i totally don't get it where i live." but i see the first word is totally bleeped out and it's not even bad.

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