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I recently created a nice video of about 2 hours in iMovie09. I "shared" it to iDVD but it was about 10% too big to burn. I went back to iMovie09 and removed some time to make the project smaller but how can I determine the size of my iMovie09 projects before I send them to iDVD? I know that both time and audio will affect the size of the iMovie09 project so the time of the video is not necessarily an accurate indicator.


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    Welcome to iMovie Discussions.

    As long as your movie is under about 1hr 50 minutes it should fit on a DVD.

    The thing which determines how much time is available on your DVD is usually the complexity of any Menus which you add in iDVD.

    With a simple Menu, which may "eat up" 10 mins of space, you should have room for 1h 50mins of movie.

    With complex, multi-level menus, your movie running time may be reduced by about 25 mins, or possibly more.

    Keep menus simple, and you should have space for about 1hr 50mins. It's always running time which counts, NOT "size" (in GB) of your movie.