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KATIE R Level 1 (10 points)
I have a month old iBook G4 that I received as a birthday gift. I was told that I could watch DVDs on it and i just tried for the first time to play a dvd and it doesn't work. When I went to open the dvd player i got a message that says "There was an initialization error. A valid DVD drive could not be found. (-70012)" I am new to mac, and am absolutely clueless as to how to do anything other than surf the internet and use itunes on this computer. Can anyone help please? Thanks, Katie
  • Kay Marczoch Level 7 (21,685 points)

    launch System Profiler - What kind of optical drive is reported?

    What kind of DVD refuses to play? Pressed, burned ...
  • KATIE R Level 1 (10 points)
    okay like i said, i'm new to all this so i'm kind of lost, i launch the system profiler but have no clue where to find what kind of optical drive is reported, can you walk me through it? the dvd is just a regular old dvd from hollywood video. also, now i can get the dvd player to open but it won't play the dvd it says supported disk not availalble. i don't get it... please help, thanks!
  • KATIE R Level 1 (10 points)
    I'm so frustrated now again it gives me the message as before about a valid dvd drive cant be found. i'm also having issues with the battery not charging although its hooked up to the ac adapter and the orange light is on, and now on top of all this the thing keeps freezing up on me, if you have any input that would be great. i think i'm going to end up bringing it in to the apple store though because i don't have the patience for this
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    Your dvd player must be a apple branded player for the player to launch. If the dvd drive was added after the purchase, it could be a non apple player. Since you know the internet, for a quick fix, download "video lan" (google it or search "version tracker.com") to play dvd,s.
  • Majordadusma Level 6 (9,425 points)
    Hi, Katie!

    Is this an original Apple Superdrive which was installed by Apple?

    If you're uncertain, please, launch System Profiler, click on "Disk Burning" in the left hand column, copy the info there, and paste it into a reply post for us...

    If this is an original Apple Superdrive, please try a couple of things. First try to play a different video DVD. If it's successful, then the problem's with the one you were attempting to play, and not your Mac or it's software.

    If another video DVD won't play, go to Home>Library>Preferences>com.apple.dvdplayer.plist and drag this plist file to the trash. Log out, log in, and attempt to play the DVD again.

    You should also launch Disk Utility, booting from the install disk, and run Repair Permissions and Repair Disk on your internal drive.

  • Tim Donnelly Level 1 (5 points)
    hi i have a similar problem. i cant seem to play dvds. when i put in a dvd it launches but it doesnt seem to play the dvd, even though the play button is on. i just get a black screen. if i try to press any button i get 'not permitted' also when i close it my computer crashes. i have pro tools installed on the my laptop. does that explain it?
  • Donald Morgan Level 6 (12,770 points)
    Katie, go up to your apple and single click, when it opens click on About this Mac, Now click on more INFO, when it opens click on ATA, when it opens it will tell you if you have a DVD Drive right there...
    If you have a DVD Drive present try this.
    Go to your Apple and click it then SHUT DOWN.
    When you shut it down, wait a minimum of 5 minutes.
    Unplug anything you have plugged in to your computer.
    Restart your computer.
    Click on Mac HD. When it opens
    Click on Applications. When it opens.
    Scroll down to DVD Player. Double click it and when the Black screen comes up.
    Place a Commercial DVD Movie in and don't touch anything.
    The Movie will take a couple of minutes to read all the security and encryption on the DVD.
    It will start to play automaticly
    If it doesn't then take it in to Apple and get it fixed. This method will work every time if you have a DVD Player and you haven;t got something else corrupt....Cheers...Don