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Hi there,
the title say it all. How can I import Flac files into Itunes?
I have a lot of them. I click onto add to library select the flac file, click on open and nothing happen.

Many thanks for your help.


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    Hello CESNET the best bet is to try http://blowintopieces.com/fluke/ I myself don't use Flac files but to any audiophile it's important to hear sound at it's best. Also WAV or AIFF & ALAC you will need to use http://tmkk.hp.infoseek.co.jp/xld/index_e.html to convert into ALAC.

    P.S. their is also a simple FLAC player but can't remember it one more thing converting FLAC to WAV will not give you full TAGs. Best bet is to try just one file you've copied ether straight into iTunes or convert & see what's best for you.
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    Apple TV
    many thanks
    Another Mac user recomends me the Max app which is veryfriendly and quick in converting flac to Apple lossless directly, then the import to itunes is very quick since he does not have to convert it for example from .Wav

    Best regards