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I had my music folder on an external harddrive and wanedt to move it to a NFS share of another linux computer. I choosed the new music folder in iTunes and started "Consolidate library...". After "preparing copy..." it says "There is not enough room on "<new folder>" to copy all of the requested files". The old partition on the external harddrive has a capacity of 600GB with 593GB used and the new NFS share has a capacity and free space of 668GB.

iMac 2.0GHz Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I tested the same with a much smaller library and it worked. Does iTunes needs more space to consolidate the library than the size of the library?
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    now I extended the partition to 770G and it starts copying.
    Looks like it needs more size than the library to consolidate.
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    it copied all the music
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    It sounds like Tobe solved his issue, but I just ran into this same problem last night while trying to consolidate my approx. 2 TB of iTunes media to a new NAS (LaCie 5-big, 7.5 TB) with 5.5 TB of available space. Any ideas why it would error out with more than double the needed space available? Is there a cap on the amount of media iTunes will consolidate?

    Any ideas why it won't let me consolidate the whole library?

    At this point, I'm thinking I will manually move and re-import my movies separately and see if iTunes will at least move the music. Movies and TV shows have a lot less info to screw up by removing and re-adding, and it will significantly decrease the size of the consolidation transfer.
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    I'm in the same boat - trying to consolidate to a Drobo. The library is approx 175GB and there's 1.6TB on the Drobo but it keeps saying not enough space. Any answers?
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    I have a question regarding moving musi to the External Drive. I recently had to move my iTunes library to my external because it was consuming too much space on my hard drive. I went into preferences and changed where to look for the library.

    However, now my playlists and even music that I purchased since the move to the ED isn't showing up in my iTunes library. Also, when attached my ipod to my computer iTunes says that the iPod is synced with another computer.

    Question: Am I missing something?
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    Here is a link that lists the proper steps to take when copying your music:


    It sounds like you might have taken the fully manual route which causes iTunes to lose the link path to your files and with them all of your ratings, playlists, etc. If you put the files back where they were and revert iTunes' library location, you probably can still go back and move them through iTunes like Tobe was talking about using the consolidate method.

    Unfortunately, it sounds like for whatever reason, some of us here are getting an error when trying to use the consolidate method, but hopefully it will work for you...

    Good Luck!