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I switched from a 2G to a 3G S about two weeks ago. following the instructions I got at the Apple store, I came home, connected, and restored from the last backup of my old phone. For some reason, the App Store icon has disappeared from my screen. I still have all the applications I installed. Took the phone back to the store and swapped it for a new one (for other reasons), again restored using my last backup, and I'm having the same issue. the app store icon is not showing up anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    My thought is that something on that backup is causing it. Is there something there you absolutely have to have, or can you setup your 3GS as a new phone and just resync (not restore from backup)?
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    Thanks. When I restore, it only gives me two options: setup as new iphone and restore from backup. My worry is that if I set it up as a new phone then I won't get all the phone numbers, text messages, etc. that I currently have on the phone. If I choose the 'setup as new', will I lose all that data?
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    The texts I think you lose, but the contacts will come over when you sync. Are you syncing with Outlook?
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    No outlook sync, I just have web email connected, so all of that will come over. The contacts/phone numbers were all entered directly into my phone. Given the amount of info I have in my text messages, I'm almost thinking it might be easier to go without the App Store icon and just download from iTunes when i want apps. Kinda stinks..still looking for better options.
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    Well, at least now you have copy and paste, so you can paste some of those text messages onto Notes which do sync. good luck!!!
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    My App Store Icon disappeared randomly as well. However, I have had the same iphone and programs so I don't see why it would have disappeared so suddenly. Does anyone know what caused this problem or any way to fix it without reformatting it? Thanks for any help!
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    Check to see if you have iTunes/App Store turned off in the Settings>General>Restrictions. I had loaned my old Touch to my sister, but forgot that I had turned those restrictions on so that she couldn't accidentally download something with my account. I searched high and low for the apps that I knew had to be there somewhere. When I turned those restrictions back off, the apps reappeared.
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    Do what teacher24-70 says. You may just kick yourself.