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In a few days I will be getting the new new iphone 3gs (32 GB) and I would like to be able to movie some of music from my itunes library to my iphone. I already own an ipod classic (160 GB) and I have about 40GB of music on my itunes right now. How can I hook up to the iphone to itunes and only move certin songs/albums/playlists? Also is there a way I can have my ipod auto sync but my iphone sync manually?

If anyone can help me or link me to information about it I'd be very grateful

Ipod Classic 160GB, Iphone 3GS 32GB, Windows XP, itunes
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    Each of the iPhone panes in iTunes allows you to sync only selected playlists, ringtones, podcasts, movies, photo albums, contact groups, etc. You can also elect to manually manage your music and videos, but there is no need to do so. iTunes will treat your iPhone and your iPod as completely separate and distinct devices and you can sync each as you like.

    Download a copy of the Users Guide and look at chapter 1. http://manuals.info.apple.com/enUS/iPhone_UserGuide.pdf

    You'll find this useful also: Learn how to use all the features of iPhone. http://www.apple.com/iphone/how-to/#basics.introduction
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    Thank you very much. I used the pdf file you linked and everything went perfectly. I do have one more question though.

    With my ipod classic, after I eject it from itunes I would go to "Safely remove hardware" and stop the ipod there. Today I synced all my songs to my iphone and ejected it from itunes but when I went to "Safely remove hardware" it was not on the list. Is it ok for me to unplug my iphone without the "Safely remove hardware" step

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    Unlike the iPod, the iPhone does not have a spinning physical hard disk. It uses flash memory.

    From the Users Guide, page 19:

    "Unless iPhone is syncing with your computer, you can disconnect it from your computer at any time.

    When iPhone is syncing with your computer, iPhone shows “Sync in progress.” If you disconnect iPhone before it finishes syncing, some data may not get transferred.

    When iPhone finishes syncing, iTunes shows “iPhone sync is complete.”

    To cancel a sync: Drag the slider on iPhone.

    If you get a call during a sync, the sync is canceled automatically and you can unplug iPhone to answer the call. Connect iPhone after the call to finish syncing."