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I just bought an HP desktop computer that has malfunctioned. I will be sending it back for an exchange. I have made backup copies of the Vista OS on three DVD-R discs. Would these discs work in my MacBook? These aren't directly from Microsoft. They have HP specific add-ons and tweaks.

Has anybody here used one of their OEM brand Vista recovery discs in an Apple computer using Bootcamp? I do realize that if I don't register the discs that Vista will only work for one hour at a time once the thirty day registration period expires. I only need it for a couple of weeks while my other computer is being exchanged.

Thank you.


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    Hi Smallwheels,

    such recovery/backup discs usually only work on the computer they originally came with.
    Also the 'HP-specific' add-ons and tweaks can prevent it from working.

    And Micosofts semi-official statement to using such discs on other computers is:

    "Computers (sold by large companies like Dell, Asus, HP and others) that have Vista pre-installed are set up that Vista is tied to a license found in the Bios on the motherboard. If you have the motherboard changed out, the repacment must be the exact same motherboard as the old one and must be replaced by Asus. Any other motherboards would not have the correct Bios license and the Pre-installed version of Vista will not run."

    But since you wnat to use it well inside the 30-day trial period, this might apply.

    You should however consider to download and use the Windows 7 RC, which is avaiable till end of July and runs till Early 2010 http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/download.aspx

    If you really wanna try your HP Vista, you shouldn't do it without having a backup/bootable clone of your OSX on an external harddisk.


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    Thank you for your answer. I was leery of trying to use those discs before knowing the answer. I do not want to buy Vista or Windows 7 (not for $200). I have a few programs that work with XP and Vista. I don't know if they would work with Windows 7. I just have to wait another week for my HP replacement computer to arrive and I'll just get to work using it.