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  • melwan Level 1 Level 1
    I think I narrowed down the problem. I did the simple solution and it worked for me (basically reinstalling iTunes). Then, I fired up CleanMyMac and I did a system clean up. This involved removing the Universal Binaries and extra language files from iTunes.

    Guess what? the problem is back again. and now, codesign -v command is giving me the error "missing seal" again.

    Apparently, removing the Universal Binaries from iTunes along with the language files (~100 MB in total) results in that firewall pop up message.

    Is this a bug? CleanMyMac's fault? Apple's fault? Non of the other Apple software results in that problem btw and yes, I cleaned their Universal Binaries and language files as well.
  • hbone Level 1 Level 1
    I just installed Snow Leopard on my Mac and this happened to me as well. I went to the Apple store because I had several problems including this one happen. The Apple Genius was stuck on this problem. I will try this, cause its very annoying to have all your settings removed and this pop up window appear every time you log on.

    All I wanted from SL was the 22GB of HD space back. ((sigh))
  • bitblasters Level 1 Level 1
    Well I am seeing this problems as well. It also happens with another app I have. This started once I had to go get another DSL modem because my other one went out. Now I get this same message when ITunes starts up and also Ch-Ching, but when I try to connect with my iPhone to iTunes with from the iPhone or Ch-Ching from my iPhone, they do not see that my iPhone is connected. Qwest is of no help here at all, they have no clue what I am talking about of course. This all worked fine until I put this new modem on and now it does not work. Does any one have any ideas on this?
  • Brad Cantos Level 1 Level 1
    I have been seeing this problem for several weeks now, and I think that you may be onto something with the CleanMyMac correlation. This link ctions indicates that any modification of the package will trigger the message due to a verification feature. I tried the test shown on this page and indeed I get the broken link response:
    /Applications/ a sealed resource is missing or invalid
    /Applications/ resource modified
    /Applications/ esHelper: resource modified
    So I think that removing the binary file may be the cause. I'll live with the problem rather than bloat my HD.
  • Duda Level 1 Level 1
    I think I had iTunes 9.1.1 installed in my MacBook Pro. And this message always appeared for me. Today I installed iTunes 9.2 and the problem persist. Here this message is directly related with "Sharing" option. If I uncheck "Share my library on my local network" the message go away. But If I mark this the message com back again.

    I didn't change my icon or anything else.

    I thought that this problem would be solved with an iTunes update, but I was wrong.
  • mrcoxon Level 1 Level 1
    hey I had the same problem with iTunes 9.2. I solved it though.. it might sound a bit of a hocus-pocus but what the ****: it worked. Here's what you gotta do:

    1. Drag to the Trash.
    2. Empty the Trash
    3. DO NOT delete any other iTunes-related file as you may lose all your data (preferences, library, songs, iphone apps and whatnot). You may want to restart your computer at this point, but it is not necessary.
    4. Download iTunes again. Install it... and you're done. It may ask you to accept incoming connections but it'll be only once... after that it won't bother you again...

    I hope this works for you!
  • MacPaw Level 1 Level 1
    iTunes is a code-signed application and if you clean it using CleanMyMac or remove the useless binaries from it in any other way - your System Firewall will be showing you that message (topic) every time you launch iTunes.

    That is why CleanMyMac has a separate setting for such cases in the Advanced tab of its Preferences. You can just disable the cleanup of code-signed apps to resolve the issue. That's it.
  • Erin Bird Level 1 Level 1
    This worked for me! Thanks mrcoxon. I had been having this issue since upgrading to 9.2 and it was driving me batty. No more!
  • Curtis Tucker Level 2 Level 2
    @Don Trammell

    Excellent advice!
  • Shiznit• Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks mrcoxon, worked a treat, easiest solution every, has to be ha ha
  • Jonathan Phillips Level 1 Level 1
    I was having this issue too, very irritating. Having read all the posts decided to start with the removal of iTunes and a reinstall and it worked perfectly.

    Used this support page.. only need the first 20 steps

  • Marty McFly Level 1 Level 1
    This seems to have fixed it for me as well. Thanks!
  • queequeg731 Level 1 Level 1
    I have tried everything in here and I still have the problem. I've had this problem since iTunes 8 and I've just about to throw it all out the window.

    Uninstalled iTunes 8 before installing version 9 when it came out - problem persist
    Uninstalled iTunes 9 before installing Version 10 yesterday - problem persist
    deleted that file. reboot. nothing changed.

    The only way to stop the stupid message is turning off the firewall (i prefer firewall on) - turn it back on again there is that stupid message again. its something that shouldn't be happening, had a gut full of it.
  • Flemming Rasmussen Level 1 Level 1
    It doesn't work for me with the terminal command. But that's probably because i've changed the iTunes icon with my own:

    The CleanMyMac suggestion doesn't do the trick either.
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