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ghan51 Level 1 Level 1
Anybody have any idea how long it will take to get RAW support for the Olympus E-P1?

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  • Allan Eckert Level 9 Level 9
    Hi ghan51;

    You are talking to other users like yourself here. No one here has the slightest idea when Apple will come out with anything.

  • Jon Ward1 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for that helpful comment Allan.

    I expect it will be a while for Aperture to get Raw support. You can hack Capture One to read E-P1 raw files but at the moment that's the only alternative to the Olympus software, sadly.
  • Clem Level 3 Level 3
    If its supported by Adobe in Camera Raw then you can make dngs out of them and import to Aperture.
  • Andreas Yankopolus Level 2 Level 2
    Or shoot JPEG and don't worry about compatibility issues. I shot an Olympus E-3 for quite a while and was very impressed with the quality of the JPEGs it produced. This is even more true with my D700. In fact, Nikon's JPEGs look better than Aperture's conversions of my NEFs unless I do a bunch of tinkering. The only losses I see are highlight/shadow recovery and gross white balance corrections.

  • Carl Jabido Level 3 Level 3
    I'm gonna guess and say we won't see it till the next version. It doesn't look like any of the Micro 4/3s cameras are supported. I suspect it has something to do with RAW files that also include things like distortion correction. For example the LX3 is infamous for this and Aperture doesn't support that either.

    I've been tempted by Lightroom which I'm guessing will probably support it soon. But for now, if you must shoot RAW, Raw Photo Processor is donation ware and supports the E-P1.
  • Andreas Yankopolus Level 2 Level 2
    I'll second the recommendation for RPP and find that its raw conversions spank Aperture's for detail, highlight & shadow recovery, and default tone curve. Of course, Aperture wins hands down on workflow.

  • ghan51 Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks to everybody for the replies! I'll check out RPP & the other software. I DO like shooting in RAW. I think its well worth the extra overhead in file size. Anxiously awaiting the UPS man this Sat am for Amazon delivery of my new Oly E-P1...
  • Jon Ward1 Level 1 Level 1
    I've found that you can change E-P1 files so that Aperture will import them. Make backups of your files first, obviously.

    Get hold of Hex Fiend (I'm a sucker for a silly name)
    In Hex Fiend open the E-P1 .ORF file you want to import
    Hit Apple-F or Find... from the edit menu
    In the top box put E-P1 (make sure the ASCII box not the Hex box is checked)
    In the bottom box put E-30 (again, make sure the ASCII box not the Hex box is checked)
    Press Next then press Replace, there's only one string that needs changing.
    Close the search box.
    Hit Apple-S or Save... from the file menu.
    Voila. You can now import that raw file into Aperture.

    Obviously that's not very useful because you don't want to be going through that rigmarole with loads of images. But at least it means you can compare the Aperture Raw conversion with other options. <Edited by Host>
  • Carl Jabido Level 3 Level 3
    Nice find. I wonder if there are any AppleScriptable hex editors. Then a simple script could be added into workflows.

    I've heard the 17mm lens does have some barrel correction applied to it by Olympus Master or the in-camera JPEGs so that's something to look out for if you've got the 17.

    For now, I'm still working in Aperture, but using Raw+LSF jpgs. If I find an image that could use some RAW work, I'll switch over to RPP for that and bring it back into Aperture.
  • Leigh Snell Level 1 Level 1
    I too am looking for EP-1 Raw support (just about to purchase one). Jon's suggestion makes sense as I understand that the E-620 / E-30 & the EP-1 all use the same sensor. Although if that's the case why doesn't Apple simply release support for all 3 if it works for the E-30? BTW..I didn't see the E-30 on the supported list for Aperture.

  • Leigh Snell Level 1 Level 1
    Additional to above - - doesn't list the E-30 as supported, but does list it as supported.
    Goes to show that Australia may be 10 hours ahead of the US, but we're several years behind!!!

  • Carl Jabido Level 3 Level 3
    Same sensor but Micro 4/3rds lenses require some distortion correction. The bodies do the correction for in-body JPGs and apps like Olympus Master do it when it's a RAW file. Adobe Lightroom does it for the G1 RAW files also. That's why I'm guessing Lightroom will support the E-P1 much sooner than Aperture.

    This is all conjecture of course, but it seems like Aperture does not support these corrections yet.
  • cawins Level 1 Level 1
    OK, I just bought an E-P1 yesterday and am really frustrated with the RAW support. Does anyone have any news?
  • davidcharlec Level 1 Level 1
    I converted the RAW images from my Olympus E-P1 to DNG files using the new Adobe DNG converter 5.5 RC with was released yesterday.
    I used 2 lenses on my camera : the kit lens (a 14-42mm zoom) and a Voigtlander manual lens.
    All photos taken with the kit lens were rejected by Aperture in the import process.
    I was only able to import the DNG files taken with the Voigtlander lens.
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