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So I don't have shuffle issues, all my audiobooks have been scrunched into single mpeg4 files for play in the ipod. Works beautifully, itunes and the ipod even save my place until I choose to come back to the book.

This is what I'm doing to get the audiobooks onto my ipod. I double click the audiobook folder under my ipod icon, a second window pops up just for audiobooks on the ipod. I can then easily drag and drop whatever I want from the itunes audiobook folder and the file immediately syncs to the ipod.

I've tried this with the iphone.......nothing but a circle with a black line through it once I'm over the open audiobook folder for the iphone. I've tried everything. There's no tranfer to, copy to, copy/paste doesn't work, no audiobook tab on the detailed sync screen...

How do I get an audiobook onto my iphone?