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I put my iphone in my pocket and when I pulled it out, all the icons were wiggling. Normally not a problem, but somehow my itunes icon disappeared. I restored my factory settings, but still no icon. I think my music is still on the phone, but I can't get the icon back. How do I get it back? Trying to install itunes says I already have current version. Any help would be great. Thanks you!!

iPhone OS 3.0
  • Envision99 Level 4 (1,165 points)
    It is impossible to remove the iTunes app on the iPhone unless there is a bug in the software. Are you sure it wasn't moved to another screen on the iPhone? Go to the search (only in 3.0, but I assume you have 3.0 installed) and type in iTunes and see if it shows it.

    You might have to end up doing a restore of the firmware.
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    Oops I meant my ipod icon is missing. I can't access my music.
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    More than likely, your iTunes icon simply moved to a different page. On the Home screen, swipe your finger to the left to move to your next home screen page. The icon should be there. Then, just press and hold the icon until the "wiggle." Touch the icon and move it to the left to get it back to the original home screen and just put it where you would like it to be, then hit the Home button.
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    Nope, it isn't there, and on further research, it says all my music is gone too. Bummer, but luckily I have it all backed up on another computer. Thanks for the help.
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    Thanks for your reply. I meant that my ipod icon is gone. Now it looks like it erased all my music too. How do I get the ipod icon back? I did a restore, but still not ipod icon. You've helped the most so far so thought I'd ask again.
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    I would restore the firmware on your iPhone then, as it seems like there is definitely something wrong.
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    have you tried rebooting your phone?

    the icon's wiggling means the iPhone detected pressure on the screen for a few seconds, and that is translated into "the user wants to rearrange their icons and/or delete some apps".

    if you scrolled through the home screens and don't see your iPod app, i would do a restore back to default. that should make it reappear.