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OK, I took a photo with my iPhone and then used it as my Wallpaper. I now cannot find the original photo. How do I access the location where the "Wallpaper" photo is stored so that I might retrieve it?

Going to "Settings ==> Wallpaper ==> Wallpaper" does not reveal the photo, nor is the photo in Camera Roll or Photo Library or any of my Synched Photo Folders. And finally, it is not in my iPhoto Library.

So this is the problem; I have one copy of the photo, it appears as my "Wallpaper" (I hate that PC terminology!) and I need to access it so I can keep a backup.

I tried several of the "Access you iPod/iPhone apps" but none of them can go to that mysterious secret location where your active wallpaper photo is hidden. Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

MacBook Pro 2.6, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Please delete this post. I found the photo buried in one of the iPhone's Photo Albums so no need to confuse folks with my error. Thanks.
  • Mac MD Level 1 (35 points)
    My bad! I did indeed find the missing photo on the iPhone buried in one of my photo albums. The photo was out of sequence and in a different album from the others in the series. So, the question has been answered and I'm feeling a little foolish. Apologies to anyone who was misled by this post.
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    Mac MD - if you are still checking this post, I realize you resolved your issue by finding the photo. I did the exact same thing you did - set the image as my wallpaper and then deleted the original photo. It still shows as my wallpaper and I would love to know where that is stored and copy that out. Did you happen to find out if that was possible?

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    Jeff, You are right, it's still a good question. We know it is stored somewhere but I never did figure out where. I'll do a little more digging and if I come up with an answer I;ll post it. Be sure to subscribe to this post so you'll get a posting email.