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OK, I took a photo with my iPhone and then used it as my Wallpaper. I now cannot find the original photo. How do I access the location where the "Wallpaper" photo is stored so that I might retrieve it?

Going to "Settings ==> Wallpaper ==> Wallpaper" does not reveal the photo, nor is the photo in Camera Roll or Photo Library or any of my Synched Photo Folders. And finally, it is not in my iPhoto Library.

So this is the problem; I have one copy of the photo, it appears as my "Wallpaper" (I hate that PC terminology!) and I need to access it so I can keep a backup.

I tried several of the "Access you iPod/iPhone apps" but none of them can go to that mysterious secret location where your active wallpaper photo is hidden. Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.

MacBook Pro 2.6, Mac OS X (10.5.7)