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I recently switched from PC to iMac, and I'm very happy I did. But, my Epson 1290 (1270 for USA) printer does not act the way I know from PC. I always had the possibility to change the printer's settings (resolution, kind of paper, paper size and so on) when I was in the Print dialog box. Where can I find that on my iMac. The Epson site doesn't give me any clue on how to get at this, so maybe someone on this forum might.
On the PC I used to have a little utility called Epson Status Monitor, and this I can't find either on my iMac.
Any help would be appreciated.

Desktop, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Hi Toon61

    There is an update at Epson for Leopard and your 1290.

    http://esupport.epson-europe.com/ProductHome.aspx?lng=en-GB&data=FGQ8MBMpKluuNQq HIN7jNpif1fTpfvWP2jui+Hg0obkU003D

    Then in order to access the print dialog box, go to the menu bar and select File > Print.

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    I found out that there is something like a 'SP1290.pkg'. This package should contain what I am looking for. But where can I find this package?
  • Toon61 Level 1 (20 points)

    I've been there, but it is not what I'm looking for. I found a document (from Epson) on the internet about the 'SP1290.pkg' which has the utility I want. But I can't find the file 'SP1290.pkg' anywhere.
    So, if you or someone else can tell me where I can find that package I would be very thankful.
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    I told I just recently switched from PC to Mac. Well, that's what all the print confusion came from.
    Printing on the Mac is a little different then on a PC .
    There is this little arrow besides the dropdown where you choose your printer. That little arrow shows the printing preferences/settings I was looking for.
    They where there all along.
    I know, I should be more patience and try, try, look, look, and try and look again.

    Problem solved, and thanks to Dennis who was really trying to help me.
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    On the flip side, I've been a Mac user sense the mid 80's and only dabble with windows.

    If I ever get stuck printing from windows, I hope that I can count on you.

    Your welcome, enjoy the Mac experience!
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    If you want to open the Epson Status Monitor go to the Apple Menu/System Preferences/Print & Fax, select the printer, click Open Print Que, then click on Utilities. Once it's open and in your dock you can grab the Epson Status Monitor icon and move it to another location in your dock and it will remain there for easier access.