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I wanted to know if someone has installed a OCZ SSD 128GB CORE SERIES 128GB in a late 2007 macbook Santarosa (Sata I). It was found right? Some problem?

Macbook ImacG4, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • JoeyR Level 6 (8,280 points)
    If possible, you'll want to go with the newer OCZ Vertex or Summit SSDs. The Core series did not have any internal cache and the controller used in those provided "iffy" performance. Most notably, frequent "pauses" while using the system. If you happen to already have the drive and just want to try it out, you won't hurt anything... but I wouldn't suggest that you purchase one. There is a huge difference in the different generations of SSDs.
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    Did you install the SSD drive in your macbook ? Is it ok ??

  • Antony Gerrish Level 1 (35 points)
    I just bought a Crucial 64GB SSD, the M225, for my white MacBook. The difference it has made is amazing. Most applications now launch instantly, larger apps such as iPhoto, iMovie etc. only take a few seconds. Dreamweaver launches in around 3 seconds, it used to take about 20. I can open dozens of applications and the machine never slows down. Parallels launches very fast.

    I use the MacBook purely for work so I don't need too much storage for music etc., so the 64GB drive is fine. As soon as prices come down a bit more I will buy a bigger drive.