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I am about to buy a 17inch Macbook Pro and I was wondering if Best Buy Honors the Apple student discount. The nearest Apple store is a good two hours away and I have 150 bucks of Best Buy gift cards I wanted to use towards the purchase.

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  • a brody Level 9 Level 9
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    Call the Best Buy sales associate. The Student discount normally is only applicable if you are a fulltime college/university student via your Apple Online Store.
    If a Best Buy teams with a local University, there might be an exception to the rule, but you'd have to ask them.
  • COHagan Level 1 Level 1
    Sadly, BestBuy does not.
  • khassani Level 3 Level 3
    Even if there is, I don't believe you'll be eligible for the free ipod for students (and free printer for everyone) if you do that. Also, you don't have to go to the store to buy your computer; you can order online. If you still want to buy from best buy, do as a brody suggested and call them.

    P.S. @a brody, the student discount works in the Brick and Mortar Apple Stores too. You just have to bring your student ID.
  • Markb3d Level 1 Level 1
    I learned the hard way to NEVER buy an Apple product from a Best Buy. They may have a snazzy Apple mini store setup in the Best Buy but don't fall for it. They want you to believe they are basically an Apple Store but they don't offer any of the offers or service a real Apple store does. If you are in a small town without an Apple store you can always buy online.

    My daughter did get her student discount at Best Buy but no free iTouch eventhough Best Buy advertized it. Trust me, you will NOT the iTouch at Best Buy or any other offers or specials. Also, if there is a problem Best Buy is the last people you want to deal with.

    They are going to let us return the MacBook Pro (with a 15% fee) but it's worth it on principle alone. We can say good ridiance to them and go get our free itouch at the real Apple store.

    Taking advantage of parents is one thing but new college students?...come on.

    Apple is great don't get me wrong, but this whole Best Buy partnership gives them a black eye for sure.
  • Jordan8908 Level 1 Level 1
    My suggestion to you is first check to see if your college either has a apple store on campus or is part of the online student program at apple.com (mine had both). Then sell your Best Buy give cards to someone and just get it online or at your campus.
  • donv (The Ghost) Level 5 Level 5
    Nope, but I'd get the Apple price and see if BB will come close to matching it.
  • topmaniac Level 1 Level 1
    You won't be able to get the free ipod touch, because its a mail in rebate and best buy wont match online rebates. And as for the online price, its a case by case thing one person might do it and the next won't.
  • Jonathan Ruffner Level 1 Level 1
    Ok let me put a stern end to the misinformation here!

    I am a computer specialist at Best Buy Store #1454 in Portland, OR. Im sorry if anyone here has had a bad experience at any Best Buy in their area, but I guarantee that you didn't get that experience in my store.

    For the record, WE DO give not only the education discount but also the free iPod touch 8gb for college students while the promotion is going on at the Apple store.

    As far as Markb3d's comments, I would love to know what services and offers we don't include or surpass? Apple Care doesn't include accidental damage protection which Geek Squad Black Tie does. If you crack your screen, spill coffee on your macbook pro, drop your computer, your S.O.L under Apple Care. We also give you a free replacement battery and ac adapter... Best part is the 3 year Black Tie costs the same as 3 year Apple Care. Questions? come see us or visit Geek Squad. Apple's Genius Bar is still going to have the edge for trouble shooting various things on the fly, but thats why we work with them!
  • Jonathan Ruffner Level 1 Level 1
    We do match mail in rebates but we do it in store so you don't have to mail anything in. We just give you an iPod touch. If your a student, we give you the education discount and the free iPod touch. I've done it 5 times this week. store #1454 in portland or.
  • troymosley Level 1 Level 1
    Then its probably a store to store policy. I purchased my MBP 17 days ago in a Best Buy and was told that they do NOT give the free Ipod touch.

    The only reason is bought from Best Buy is because of the black tie policy.
  • SailorTriforce Level 1 Level 1
    I work at Best Buy store number 229 here in Indianapolis, Indiana--and we DO offer the student discount. That is how I purchased my brand new Macbook Pro.
  • OnLnAgent Level 1 Level 1
    On a whim I called our local Best Buy and was told student discounts for Apple Products are not offered and if anything was sold as a student discount it was due to local price matching which is handled case by case and may vary by area.

    I would go through apple and get the free iPod and printer.

    As far as Apple Care vs Black Tie Service I would choose the option that also covers theft.