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I'm currently deploying a new server in our office using a Leopard Server OS X.

I've setup everything we need (DNS, AFP, OD, Web) and we are able to login using Mobile OD accounts. All that works well.

I cannot however figure out how the automount's Custom mount path works with a share.

Our server has an additional drive where we store all the files for the jobs in progress.

We'd like this share to be automatically mounted for each user in the office (Say in a "Projects" folder on the users' desktops.

I thought the automount to custom path would do that but it doesn't seem to work. At best we can get it mount to a folder at the root of the drive ((/Projects) but the folder isn't visible in Finder and even when navigating manually to it (Go to folder command) it looks like it's mounted as guest.

Could someone help me out with this?

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

The documentation always only mention the mount to custom path feature but never provides any insight on it.

Any tip, help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated


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    You can have the sharepoint mount at login using the username and password for the individual users by configuring it through WGM->Preferences->User Group/Computer Group->Login->Items. Mount the sharepoint on your desktop then click the '+' sign. Select your computer under 'Devices' and the select the sharepoint, then click 'Add'. Highlight the sharepoint and check the 'Mount share point with user's name and password'. Click 'Apply now'. Click 'Done'. When the user logs in, the sharepoint will appear on the Desktop.
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    Hey Mabel,

    Sorry for the delay, I was out of office yesterday.

    Your trick totally work, it's awesome!

    The only addition was to enable "Connected Servers" in the Finder to show the share on the desktop.

    After that, all good.

    Thanks a mil, been banging my head trying to work this out!

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