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Ok, the iphone voice record function... I can't get the voice memos onto itunes or my computer. I don't use the autosync function, I like to manage my music and such manually.

I cannot find a way to manually access the voice memos on my iphone through itunes. Many of them are too large to email so I'm stuck.

The only option seems to be auto-sync, and if I do turn on the sync function at this point, itunes will completely erase my iphone and the voice memos I've recorded on it. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Any tips?

I've looked at a lot of posts and haven't found anything to help here. Just a bunch of posts complaining about how bad the voice recorder feature is integrated into the new iphone 3.0 software.

i'm using a 32gb 3gs.

iphone 32g 3gs, Mac OS X (10.4.6)