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Laily B. Ko Level 1 (5 points)

My iBook G4 14inch came with a 45 W power adaptor. The metal jack (the one with the green/orange light) got slightly bent and now I can't connect it to the computer. I was planning on buying a new one, but I noticed the new one in stores is for 65 W. Will this work on my ibook? Does anyone know if this would be covered by AppleCare ?
  • Ryan M. Level 6 (8,180 points)
    Hi Lally,

    Welcome to the Apple Discussions! The power adapters changed somewhat recently and I personally wouldn't recommend connecting a different adapter with a different wattage to your iBook since it could lead to a big disaster that most certainly wouldn't be covered by Apple.

    I'd say search online (possible through Froogle?) for an adapter that is identical to your old (bent) one. That way, you can ensure your iBook is getting the appropriate power.

    Hope this helps!
  • AxL Level 6 (11,435 points)
    Hi Laily,

    Ryan is right about new adapters. Some kind of drop in the products quality may have happened (?), since KB article #88231 about Apple Adapters doesn't exist anymore (it said that you could use the 65W adapter in place of the 45W).

    This article now has the latest info:
    - PowerBook and iBook: Identifying the right power adapter and power cord--US (KB #75448)

    Try to find a 65W model that was made last year?

    Or is it that they would like you to buy another iBook?..

    See here also about your bent pin:
    - Troubleshooting iBook and PowerBook power adapters (KB #302461)

    Good luck!