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I apologize for posting this topic in this category. I am new to the forums and could not find the appropriate one.

My iPod touch was recently stolen. I spoke to my town's police officer and filed a report. We were able to narrow the suspects down to 5 kids who were at my house who were seen acting suspiciously.

I gave the detective both my serial number and case number from when I previously called. Apple also has the serial number and is aware of the situation.

So, if the police department links up with apple which the customer representative said they could, what would be my chances of being returned my stolen property. What does the person who stole it have to do for Apple to be able to pick up their IP address and forward it to the police?

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    Well you've done all you can as far as reporting it and involving the Police.As for tracking it via IP addresses.It's not something Apple provide.Lots of posts like yours unfortunately.I think there is stuff out there for remote blocking.But it has to be previously installed.
    Seeing as you're a 'Warlord'.I'd rally the troops and go seek out your "5 suspiciously acting kids"and have a gentle, but persuasive word in their ear.I hate thieves.
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    Sorry to hear that. Bummer.

    Do you have a MobileMe account? If so, you could try the find my iPhone feature - a long shot I know as the iPod Touch would have to be connected to WiFi at the time (and of course still set up with your settings - ie. not wiped). Find my iPhone could narrow down the search area and you could maybe give this information to the Police.

    I know this won't help you recover your iPod, but for anyone else reading this, make sure you set up a PIN number to secure your iPod - this can be set so that after a certain number of failed attempts to unlock with a PIN, the iPod is automatically wiped. It won't recover the hardware, but it could stop your data falling into the wrong hands.

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    Not sure if I am in the right place but I just want to report to apple that my ipod touch was stolen from locker at school. Already gave the police the report and I gave them the serial, parts and mac address. Was there anything else I could of given them. Trying to figure out where and whom to contact at the apple store to let them know as well. How and where do I go about doing that. Here is the information that I gave the police, anything you can do is appreciated. Thanks so much

    Serial# 9C90**203<Edited by Host>
    Parts# MB531LL/A
    MAC ADDRESS # 00-24-36-CF-D6-5E

    Thanks so much everyone
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    Apple really can't do anything to help you. You did the right thing by reporting it to the police.

    Best of luck.
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    Hi All,
    I really feel sad for Warlord Zepnick who lost his ipod.Even I lost my new ipod touch(16 GB) yesterday.Going through various post on internet I understand that logging complaint at 1-800-275-2273 (apple) with the serial number should be the first action item.
    For me situation is a bit worse since I am back in INDIA and I do not know how apple team and police will co-ordinate, still I am hopeful.Please let me know if anyone has recovered any stolen ipod yet.

    I feel there should be a separate space at apple's site where stolen ipod's serial number should be mantained and such serial number should be banned i.e a stolen ipod should be worth 0$ so that nobody should have any fun in stoling the same...

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    I had mine stolen this past Monday. I want to know why Apple hasn't ( if they haven't) included IP Address in your iTunes backups, like they do serial numbers. If you make online purchases on iTunes with your iPod, shouldn't Apple be able to acquire that IP Address? If you could get that, at least then it gives police a chance to track it if the thief was able to get into the device.
    I've reported it, given police the model, memory, apps on the iPod, and every possible description of it. the problem is, without a way to track it, that information will only be any good if the thief is stupid enough to bring it around me.