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I have a problem with my macbook pro: it run but can't display on the screen. The light on the apple logo is off, and the screen is black. I think there is a error with my display.
Now, I want to get my data from wy laptop. I try to it to the external monitor by the cable, but there is no signal. Do I need to press some shortcut button to detect the monitor or it's automatic detecting? How can I do now. Please help. Thanks very much!

MBP 2.4GB, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    Maybe try this method: Plug the MBP into its AC power adapter. Attach the external monitor. Make sure the external monitor is set on the correct input. (For example, if the external monitor has a VGA analog input and a DVI digital input, and the MBP is connected by DVI digital, make sure the input SOURCE switch on the monitor is set to the correct DVI input.) Close the lid on the MBP so it goes to sleep. You should see the white sleep light is pulsing. Next, plug something into the USB port of the MBP. A mouse is good, but if you don't have a mouse, you can use one of those USB flash memory drives. The USB hot plug activity will cause the MBP to wake up. Since the lid is down, the primary screen will be sent to the external monitor. Hopefully now there will be a useable image on the screen.

    Assuming this works and you have a screen that is useable, the lid on the MBP can now be lifted to get access to the keyboard and trackpad. Now you can get your data off the MBP and onto another device. Good luck.