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Hi Guys, I have just spent the last two weeks setting up support for CalDav on my server, only to find that there seems to be a problem with syncing it on my iPhone. I am using the exact same settings that I use to get CalDav working on my Mac using iCal 3.

Does anyone know if this is possible to set up on the iPhone/3G without getting it jailbroken first or using a Blackberry. Would be great as it means that I can take my calendar with me rather than having to sync with iTunes to update.

At the moment, it syncs the Calendar Names, but stops short of puling my events of the server!! (Strange)

Also I can post events, but if I refresh my settings, these disappear, despite me posting them from my iPhone!

Mac Bool Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7), IPhone 3GS
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    CalDAV does work without jailbreaking. I use it as a Google calendar CalDAV client without any problems. I assume you added it to the iPhone correctly as a CalDAV account and not as a calendar subscription?
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    Beleive you me I have tried this several times. the thing is I have it working fine on Mac OS X: here are my notes:

    I have set up my phone to access the sever using a similar setup for ICal 3:


    To confgure it so it works with SOGo, create a new account and specify, as the Account URL,
    an URL such as :
    Note that the trailing slash is important for Apple iCal 3.

    When setting up a CalDav account it requests:

    1. Server Address
    2. Username
    3. pasword
    4. Description

    This seems to be enough. The Iphone/ipod verifies the account details and then gives you the option to save or cancel.

    Looking in the cakendar folder reveals a list of Calendars as accessible via ICcal 3 and thw webmail interface.

    However there does not appear to be any info in the calendars.

    When I try to add an event, it quickly shows up on the server though.

    Looking at advanced options reveals the server is currently working from port 80

    If i choose to use ssl it switches to port 8443

    I get a message that my certificate could not be verified with an option to accept or cancel.

    I try to connect via ssh port 8443 and it fails

    Interestingly, when i switch ssh off, it goes back to port 8008 for some reason.

    I try switching this back to 80 and that doesn't work either so I try restarting sogo. switching my account on and off and also making sure there is a trailing slash on the Advanced settings account url

    and this does work. Only thing is I have lost my previous entry on the iTouch.

    If I select save and go to the calendar app, there is no calendars there.

    if I go back to advanced settings and enable SSL, the Port number changes form 80 to 8443. This seems to authenticate with the ssrver as you are asked about whether or not you want to accept the certificate.

    (Also of interest if that the @sign used as part of my Sever Address has changed to read %40)

    Well it seems to work then stops and starts. Not sure what is going on here. I have included some log files. Any help to get this working would be appreciated.
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    When you set it up with google, do you use the same settings that you use on iCal 3 (if you have it) ?
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    This seems to be consistent with this thread which also happens to be pre OS 3.

    Topic : iCal/iPhone or iPod Touch/CalDAV Read-only-Why?
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    Although the documentation says it’s read-only, my Google Calendar absolutely, definitely, is read/write: I can create and modify appointments in the Google Calendar on the iPhone and it shows up online.


    Improved Calendar

    Create meetings via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and subscribe to calendars with new CalDAV support.

    Should read Create meetings via Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and subscribe to calendars with new CalDAV support (if you are using Microsoft Exchnage, Mobile Me or Google Mail).
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    On my iPhone the CalDAV server is and then it just asked for my username and password. It synthesized a url that is<myuserinfo>/user without a trailing '/'. This address is the same as shown in my desktop's iCal3 server settings visible from the account window. My user identifier was also changed to have %40 in place of '@'.

    If I add events on the iPhone or on the desktop they get uploaded to google immediately. But they don't show up on the other client until either the iCal goes through its scheduled refresh cycle (or is manually refreshed) or the iPhone calendar is opened from the home page or from sleep. When you open the iPhone calendar do you see the indicator on the top of the screen showing that it is queerying the network?
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    Yes, It seems to be rotating but nothing appears.

    I have googled SOGo + iPhone and it is possible that support for iPhone does not exist yet:

    On 18.06.2009, at 13:34, Matthias Henze wrote:
    +0200] "REPORT /SOGo/dav/mh03/Calendar/personal/ HTTP/1.1" 502
    587 "-" "DAVKit/4.0 (728.3); iCalendar/1 (34); iPhone/3.0 7A341"

    Interesting. But I guess the error code is just wrong. The intention
    was probably a 501 - Not Implemented. Which means exactly that, the
    CalDAV report required by the iPhone is not implemented in SOGo yet.
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    Too bad. You could always try google if you need something right away. Good luck.
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    I have reported this as a bug, both to Apple and SOGo Opengroupware, so will have to wait and see. Will post details here when this is resolved.

    Thx for your support.

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    This is a known problem with iPhone Caldav and just about any other caldav server except google, and maybe mobile me.

    Davical has released a version of its caldav server which overcomes this problem, as has Zimbra. These employ work-arounds to ovecome bugs in iPhone 3.0 caldav client software.

    There is another issue, where events created with non-Apple software will show ending dates sometime in the year 2145 or so. Zimbra has a work-around for this as well, but as far as I know no other caldav server does.

    In short, caldav support in iPhone 3.0 is very broken. Since the iPhone 3.1 beta 3 is now out, does anyone know if any of these issues will be addressed in iPhone 3.1? I, for one, would rate this a higher priority than whether or not the iPhone vibrates when you move icons around on the springboard.
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    That's interesting.

    At the moment I believe that the iphone/ipod now works with SOGo CalDav with the exception of usernames containing the @ symbol. I have filed this as a bug and hopefuly should be resolved soon.

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    @ 2dareis2do:

    That's very interesting. Do you know, if you create an event with, say, thunderbird/lightning, when it downloads from the SOGo server to the iPhone, is the ending date/time correct? There is another bug in iPhone's caldav implementation that causes it to set ending dates to sometime in the year 2145 or something like that. It is related to how the iPhone interprets timezone information placed in the event by (most) non-apple calendar clients. (search on these forums for "caldav 2145" to find more threads about this.)
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    This has now been fixed and you can now use long usernames including the @ sign to access SOGo from the Calendar application on the IPhone using the latest nightly build.
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    And many of the bugs (though not all) in the iPhone CalDAV implementation have also been fixed in OS 3.1 and 3.1.2.
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