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Hi y'all

This is simply a summary of the steps outlined by PAHU and Kappy on the tiger print & fax page who are the big brains here that explained the steps that worked for me on Mac OS 10.5.6. Thanks and respect to those guys.

First thing to understand is the printer doesnt create its own wifi signal for the mac to pick up ( which is what I was expecting) it hooks up via your home wifi set up for which you need a wireless router. If you don't have that you are in a no go situation and will probably want to kill someone.

So here goes (this may take a while!!)

1) Got to System Preferences>Internet&Network>Sharing
check internet sharing

2) Open Network Utilities in Applications when you are attached to your WiFi network, choose Info (the left most pane) and check what the IP address assigned to your wireless router for your home network. mine came up under Network Interface (en1) and was for the router. You can also check this in System Preferences>Network>Airport>Advanced>TCP/IP. Check the subnet mask there too.

3) Install the drivers for the Canon MP620 (i tried at first having used the Cd and then downloaded ones from he canon website. Now it works - this is probably relevant. PAHU says you need the Canon IJ Network tool v 2.66 to work!!

4) Connect the switched on printer via USB.

5) Go to System Preferences>Print & Fax
and if no Canon MP620 shows up add the printer (click +) and choose Canon MP620 and then click on Open Print Queue. Click Utility in the top right hand quadrant.

6) Choose the USB pane and the printer should show up in the window. Click on it and click Network Settings button. Now you are in Canon IJ Network Tool - whether you realised it or not.

7) It should ask you to set up the printer for the network. Choose your home wifi name (SSID) from options and enter the password you normally use. I have a WPA and used TKIP (Basic Encryption).

8) Now you need to manually set the IP address for the router and the printer. In the TCP /IP section of Canon IJ Network Tool set the Router address to be the same as you found in Network Utility - in my case Set the subnet mask to be (you can double check this by looking in System Preferences>Network>Airport>Advanced>TCP/IP). Still in the TCP /IP section of Canon IJ Network Tool set IP Address to something that is the same as your router address except change the last digit eg I put instead of This will be the IP address allocated to your printer. Click OK and it will tell you it is sending these settings to your printer.

9) If you have been struggling with this for a while you may need to enter the printer Settings section choose Device Settings and then LAN settings and choose reset LAN settings to start again.

10) You know you are winning when you chooses Wireless LAN settings list and things look similar to what you entered on the mac. So unplug the USB and on the printer choose change wireless/wired to wireless.

11) Now go back to System Preferences>Print & Fax and delete the Canon MP620 entry by pressing -. Then press + choose More Printers, wait a while and select MP620 in Canon IJ Network when it shows up or choose Canon IJ Network if you get the option . The printer should be there as MP620 with a numerical address next to it. Choose that. You should be off. (NB Repeat step 11 for any other macs on the network after downloading and installing the printer driver to that mac)

12) Now when you chooses Wireless LAN settings list on the printer it should say active.

Print away.

BTW Canon support had absolutely no idea at all to do this although endearingkly the guy admitted that the manual wasnt very helpful........they escalated me to a higher level enquiry and said someone should phone me back. When or if they do I will email them this post!!

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)