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Had iphone locked and in my pocket. Hadn't touched it for some time. Got a call from someone on my recent call list saying, "We've been listening to you on your cell phone for 10 minutes." What's causing this? I know there are others out there this has happened to.

iphone 3g, iPhone OS 3.0
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    It's been happening to me also, and more and more frequently. I know that sometimes it may be due to me accidentally touching the screen and redialing someone I recently called, however many times it calls numbers in my contacts that I have not called in some time. I've been thinking of taking it into the apple store. I agree there must be many more people this happens to.
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    I've been experiencing same problem since I got phone for past 30 days. It seems only calls numbers in my Favorites list. Apple had me reinstall all software and didn't help. They're suggesting I replace with new unit. Very frustrating.
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    I've seen this in the past with my 3g and have had conversations with other iphone owners. I've been watching it to observe it happen in real time because so far for me the call list shows it happening during early mornings when I'm asleep.

    The not so funny thing is I had the phone plugged in for charging and in sleep mode (not turned off). All of a sudden the screen came alive and it called a recent number all on it's own, ending the call before anyone picked up.

    The frightening thing is a couple of hours later that person's iPhone called me, and when I picked it up they obviously didn't know that this was happening for they were on another call on a landline. Being the friend I am I hung up after figuring out I was eavesdropping on something private.

    This telnet function of the phone should be addressed for I am not ready to become part of the Matrix.





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    Do you have the phone in a case? Some improperly designed cases disrupt the proximity sensors, not disabling the screen correctly.
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    Yes to the case, but the case design does not cover the screen, only wraps around the bezel and rear case of the phone. I know the iPhone that returned the call has no case for they just upgraded to a 3gs after their old one was stolen a few days ago. Interesting point, however.
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    ..and remember, in my case (pardon the pun) the phone was just sitting on the table charging next to my laptop when the screen suddenly came to life and dialed by itself.
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    The proximity detection is a small area just to left of the receiver (earpiece). Generally the sensor is invisible, but you can just see it if you shine a very bright light at it, or direct sunlight, three small circles. I would be suspicious of any case that covers that part of the phone.
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    I know the sensors of which you speak. I'm a developer for the iPhone and the first thing I did was study up on the components. The bezel I mentioned is the silver bezel wrapping around the glass. The case only covers the bezel and nothing else.

    I've texted the person who's phone responded. I'm waiting for an answer regarding them actually dialing this phone back. I doubt it based on the conversation I heard. They were deep in conversation on another call at the time. More to come with the hope that an answer as to why this phone awoke from sleep and dialed a number without anything touching it may come this way. Or at least if this is being tracked, the info is helpful. It was the first time I observed the actual call being made. It was amusing but not in a good way. I wish I had my 3gs taking a video of it.
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    I just met with my friend and examined their phone. The return call to my phone was on the recent list. They had no knowledge of the call and were surprised when I told them about the conversation of theirs that I was eavesdropping on. Their phone was on the desk and had no case on it.

    It seems the mystery dialing I've been blaming myself for is looking like it is somehow a 'feature' of the phone that can't be explained away easily as user error or case interference. That would say we can't put the phone to sleep and place it on a table face down without a fear of it deciding to call someone.

    That seems unlikely for my iphone was sitting face up when it sprung to life.

    What I didn't describe earlier, and the main reason I searched on this issue, was that the conversation I could have listened to was between a medical provider and a patient. HIPAA is something that Apple should be acutely aware of. I could have listened to that call and apparently learned a lot from what I was told.

    If a phone dials out for no reason, or even a user related reason, safeguards should be addressed sooner than later. I've always blamed myself for the occasional call record I had no recollection of, but when that screen came to life and the phone started dialing all by itself, I was dumbfounded.

    For now, I'm cycling the phone off and on daily in the hopes that a reset of memory and functions keeps that gremlin away.
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    Same thing happened to me. I thought I had left the screen on the recent call list and accidently hit it with a finger or something. Called one of my supervisors. The owner of my company was in the room when she answered and he took the phone and listened for over 20 minutes to me and my partner talking. guess he though we would talk bad about him or the company. Only thing he got was us talking about insurance issues with accidents and a good looking woman we saw on the orad, lol. Still ticked me off when he called me later and told me.

    I see this may not have been my fault. I guess I need to keep my phone where I can see it and constantly monitor it. I will go by the apple store on Thurday and see what they say. I am going to point them to this thread. Kind of unnerving that the phone is doing this. I am still ticked at my boss for listnening and actually thinking of leaving the company over it.
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    I'm not sure if this is related or not. Last night I received a call from someone I didn't know, saying my number showed on their caller ID five minutes earlier. I had not called them. It took me a few minutes to realize that the caller ID on my Iphone showed a number that was the exact opposite of mine. For example, if my number were 121-345-6789, the number on the caller ID was 121-543-9876. Has anyone heard of this? Maybe it was a weird prank call but it didn't really seem like it.
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    I have this problem too, and assumed it was happening when it was in my pants pocket or a belt holster. And FWIW there's the expression "butt dialing," which I've heard several times recently.
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    having a name starting with 'a' i have had a hundred or so pocket calls in my experience, but there is 'something to this' because it's inconceivable for an iPhone which is sleeping/locked screen to unlock and get into favorites... now if it was just sleeping but not locked, a double press of home gets to favorites and another press on the screen dials. I have myself dropped an iPhone in a pocket while it wasn't locked and called people, but i've also had total mystery calls like described here.