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Is there a way to automatically enter the area code for the 3g? My dad got a new 3g today, and his older blackberry 8330 had a feature that you could automatically add 801 to all the numbers. Does the 3g have that feature? And if not, is there an easier way to enter the area code to every number other than going through the entire contact list?


Dell, Windows XP
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    Where did the entire contact list on his iPhone originate, or are all contacts being manually entered on his iPhone one by one?

    There is no option to automatically enter a chosen area code for all phone number entries, which if all phone numbers are in the same area code as the phone number for his iPhone, it shouldn't matter if the area code is included.
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    Well the contact list was imported from his blackberry. Stupid Utah decided to add an area code for Salt Lake, so now we have to dial with 10 digits regardless as opposed to dialing with just seven digits. So now, will I have to enter all area codes to each contact, or is there a trick to having it setup so I won't spend a few hours doing so?
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    Since all contacts were imported from his Blackberry, a Blackberry includes an option to automatically add a chosen area code to all phone numbers already entered, or when manually entering a phone number for a new contact, or for an existing contact?

    I think probably the latter.

    The iPhone is designed to be synced with a supported application on your computer for contact info. If your Dad's computer is running XP, this can be with Outlook 2003 or 2007 including calendar events, or with the address book used by Outlook Express (Windows Contacts) for contacts only.

    There is no trick to do this with the iPhone as I don't believe the same is available with a Blackberry for numbers already entered for existing contacts, but such data entry sure is faster and easier with an iPhone than with a Blackberry. IMO, this would be faster and easier with the supported application on his computer used for syncing contacts.