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I deleted the AppStore icon on my Ipod Touch not long after I first got it. I know, it wasn't smart, but I was trying to simplify stuff and I figured I'd always be installing apps over the USB connection.

I didn't do anything special; I just tapped and held the icon until the "X" (delete) option came up, and then deleted it.

Does anyone know how to restore this icon without doing a full restore?

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Ipod Touch, iPhone OS 3.0
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    I didn't think you could delete the in-built apps. At least, on my 2nd gen touch OS 3, no delete option appears for any of the in-built apps, Perhaps you've just dragged it off somewhere on the app screen.

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    Well, now I'm really confused. I thought that's how I got rid of it, but I just tried and none of the other built-ins are deletable. I'm not sure what happened to it--I've checked every page of apps.

    Note that I'm not running any kind of 3rd party unlocking software. This all happened within the normal Ipod functions.

    Does anyone know how I can get it back?
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    You might want to try a Restore. Takes time but should put everything back.

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    I don't mind the time it takes, but will I lose data on the Ipod? I'm talking about files saved under Notes and 3rd party apps like DocsToGo, and data like my Contacts.
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    If you have a recent backup that's up to date then no - everything should come back.

    Oddly, I'm in the middle of restoring mine...

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    Thanks for the help! I just figured it out and it was a little unusual, so I'll post what I did:

    Settings > General > Restrictions (I have Restrictions enabled)

    Once in Restrictions I toggled "Installing Apps" back to the On position. I'm not sure if I turned this off intentionally--it may have been an accidental tap at some point.

    Doing this made the App Store icon reappear.
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    I came here, looking for a solution to the very same problem that you had....how to restore the deleted App Store Icon. Thank you so much for posting how you resolved your problem! It worked perfectly with mine also! I've been trying to find an answer for days!!! Thank you!